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Firefox Add-on

A Firefox add-on is available for Textise. It's simple to download and install and allows you easily switch to a text-only view of the current web page or a link on the page.

Click the "download" link below to visit the Textise page on the Firefox Add-ons site.

To use the add-on. right-click on a web page and select "Textise this PAGE (toggle 'Text Only')". Alernatively, you can click on a link and choose "Textise this LINK (toggle 'Text Only')".

You should also find a Textise icon (a red 'X') on your toolbar.

Click to download the Textise Add-on for Firefox

Softpedia Clean Award FamousWhy.com Famous Software Award

Please note that this add-on is for Firefox only - it will not work with
any other browser. For a fully cross-browser solution, try the
Textise Bookmarklet.


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