The Textise bookmarklet is an easy way to flip in and out of text-only mode.

Just drag the link below into the bookmarks toolbar of your browser and you're done!*

The bookmarklet works with most major browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer*,
Google Chrome and Safari.

To use the bookmarklet, just click to convert a page to text or, if
you're already in text-only mode, click to view the original page.


Drag this to your bookmarks toolbar* -> Textise


(*Internet Explorer users: If you can't drag the grey box, right-click it and select Add to Favorites...
then select Favorites Bar from the "Create in" drop-down.)
Microsoft Edge is a bit funny about bookmarklets but you can use EdgeManage to install it.

Lorenzo Orlando Caum (@lorenzocaum) has published a brilliant tutorial on setting up the Textise bookmarklet on an iPad.


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