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Your Year Ahead
Identify the fortunes ahead and the most auspicious time in this year
through detailed Annual horoscope or Varshaphal analysis!!!

Numerology analysis for
individuals and corporate
Know the compatibility between your
‘Birth Number and Name Number’,
your personality traits and destiny!!!

Excellent marriage
compatibility analysis
Match making services based on both South Indian system
and Gunamilan (North Indian System)

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Vedic Astrology Foundation  
We provide in person consultation services to “individuals and business houses” on horoscope casting with detailed predictions based on Indian Astrology, comparing horoscopes for marriage compatibility, determining auspicious time (Muhurtha), gem recommendation, Numerology etc.

+91 95000 99996
Vedic Astrology Foundation casts your horoscope based on your birth data which indicates the positions of planets at the time of your birth.

Vedic Astrology Foundation provides marriage compatibility analysis and recommendation based on compatibility of birth stars, ...

Vastu Shastra is one of the most valuable treasures of ancient Indian knowledge. The word vastu means to dwell and shastra means science.

Vedic Astrology Foundation assists you in identifying the most auspicious muhurta for any important eventor work ..

Vedic Astrology Foundation provides detailed numerology analysis for individuals and corporate. We also assist you in identifying the right ...

Vedic Astrology Foundation conducts detailed horoscope casting including Panchanga Shudhi Checks, detailed analysis on Vimshottari dasa

Welcome To Vedic Astrology Foundation
Vedic Astrology Foundation has done pioneering work in different areas of Astrology, involving a team of astrologers and psychologists.

The origin of the Indian Astrology can be traced to Jyothishmati. A part of Atharva Veda - a 5000 year old record, which is revered as a 'classic' of the ancient era, opens avenues to explore the many hidden truths of one’s life, his past, present and future. It is amazing that the ancient Gurus had the mathematical ability to calculate precisely the movement of planets and forecast celestial events such as eclipses, natural calamities, wars etc., years in advance.

The consultations we provide are based on Indian Predictive Astrology. We take the birth details of a person (Name, date, time and place of birth) as basic inputs and provide astrological calculations, charts and detailed analysis predictions. Calculations provided by Vedic Astrology Foundation include planetary longitudes, Rasi and Navamsa charts, Bhava charts, Sudharsana Chakra, Upagraha Longitudes and Lords, Jaimini Karaka, Pada and Aruda Chakra, Lords of Shodasavarga, Ashtavarga, Dasa/Bhukti Periods etc.

Analysis provided by our astrologers include positional, planetary friendship, planetary strength (Shadbala, Ishta Phala and Kashta Bhala), Bhava Bala, Kuja Dosha Check and Planetary War.

General predictions include sections on marriage, education, fortune, special yogas, effect of dasa periods, detailed transit forecast for the immediate future. Favourable periods for career, business, house construction and marriage are also provided by Vedic Astrology Foundation. Predictions based on AshtakaVarga of each planet and Sarvashtaka Varga is also provided. The predictions are clear and easily understandable.

The Vedic Astrology Foundation also provides consultation services on horoscope casting with detailed predictions based on Indian Astrology, comparing horoscopes for marriage compatibility, determining auspicious time (Muhurtha), gem recommendation, Numerology etc.

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