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Mobile Transaction Jamie Roberts  2023-02-09T18:46:20+00:00 
 极速赛车168官网开奖结果查询,全天开奖直播计划 machines

Emily Sorensen  2023-07-21T12:10:58+01:00 168极速赛车开奖直播: tailored, all-inclusive card machine contracts
Takepayments offers competitive card machine contracts for small businesses. What about the product and quality of service?

Emily Sorensen  2023-07-04T15:50:20+01:00 Card machines for charities: what are your options?
Getting a card machine for charity donations isn't easy in the UK. We did the research and compare all the options for a charitable cause.

Emily Sorensen  2023-06-20T23:42:56+01:00 Contactless payment limits: everything you need to know
What are the limits on contactless transactions in the UK and beyond? When are cardholders required to enter a PIN? Here's how it works.

Emily Sorensen  2023-04-06T12:11:48+01:00 Best QR code menus for restaurants in the UK
We look at different QR code menus for restaurants, comparing simple menus with those that integrate with POS, ordering and payments.

Emily Sorensen  2023-01-25T23:48:33+00:00 Square Point of Sale review UK: free, but worthwhile?
Square Point of Sale offers more than standard features you get in other POS apps. But for a free app, are there any caveats?

Emily Sorensen  2023-02-02T08:59:19+00:00 Best restaurant POS systems in the UK
What is the best till software for food and drink? We rank leading POS systems for small-to-medium restaurants in the UK.

 Compare card readers 
Emily Sorensen  2023-07-28T18:37:04+01:00 Square vs Zettle vs SumUp: compare the UK’s best card readers
Our Zettle, Square and SumUp comparison tables show key differences in fees, features and card reader capabilities.

Emily Sorensen  2023-07-20T16:17:41+01:00 8 best card machines for small UK businesses compared
After much analysis and testing, we've created this shortlist of the UK's top card machines to help you compare options.

Emily Sorensen  2023-04-18T17:00:05+01:00 Best card readers with app for iPhone and Android phones
Compare all credit card readers that work with an iPhone, iPad or Android app in the UK. Which is best - and worth the cost - for a small business?

 极速赛车开奖结果查询记录,分析168大数据 for retail 
Emily Sorensen  2023-05-17T19:12:41+01:00 极速赛车开奖官网结果查询 are replacing barcodes: practical implications for shop owners
Linear barcodes are facing discontinuation, and QR codes will take over. Is this compulsory for UK retail shops? Why and how will it happen?

Emily Sorensen  2023-01-25T23:48:33+00:00 Square Point of Sale review UK: free, but worthwhile?
Square Point of Sale offers more than standard features you get in other POS apps. But for a free app, are there any caveats?

Emily Sorensen  2023-03-02T14:31:18+00:00 6 best retail POS systems for shops in the UK
What's the best EPOS system for small shops in the UK? Although many options prevail, only few tills are great for small retailers.

Emily Sorensen  2023-07-28T14:09:21+01:00 Shopify POS review UK: best for unifying online with in-store sales simply
We've tested Shopify POS Pro and Lite and share our insights. Is this the best way for online merchants to sell in store?

 75秒极速赛车开奖现场直播结果+开奖结果历史 terminal reviews 
Emily Sorensen  2021-10-19T12:57:00+01:00 Square Virtual Terminal review: phone payments the simplest way possible
Square's virtual terminal is cheap, easy to use and requires no commitment. How does it work? Any feature limitations?

Emily Sorensen  2021-10-25T04:31:17+01:00 Takepayments Virtual Terminal review: decent phone payments, with limitations
Phone payments through Takepayments is not for everyone. We tested it and review fees, features and service - here's what to consider.

Emily Sorensen  2022-02-09T13:25:53+00:00 Worldpay Virtual Terminal review: does the job, but fees need clarifying
Worldpay's virtual terminal works well, but what are the costs and what can you expect from the service?

Emily Sorensen  2023-07-30T17:32:38+01:00 Which mobile wallets can a vendor accept on a contactless card machine?
Which contactless digital wallets can be tapped on a card terminal in the UK - and which should merchants accept? Find out how they differ.

Emmanuel Charpentier  2023-07-26T19:34:43+01:00 What is a contactless payment?
What's the meaning of contactless payment? We look at the definition, technology, options and how they work for all parties.

Emily Sorensen  2023-07-18T18:51:31+01:00 What are recurring payments? Definition, types and suitable use cases
What are the definition and types of recurring payments? Direct Debit or Credit, standing orders and CPA - what are they used for?

Emily Sorensen  2023-02-28T17:39:18+00:00 Is it illegal to charge for card payments in the UK?
Are businesses allowed to add a surcharge on card transactions? What does the UK law say? See the rules and exceptions that merchants should follow.

 英国极速赛车开奖官网开奖记录最新 accounts 
Emily Sorensen  2023-07-25T09:26:18+01:00 “Free” business accounts – what are the hidden costs?
A "free business account" is not truthfully free. We look at the hidden costs that businesses are charged for an account with no monthly fee.

Emily Sorensen  2023-07-21T14:51:04+01:00 Revolut for Business review: account for borderless freelancers and companies
Revolut for Business is a current account for freelancers and companies - are there hidden fees for international transfers?

Nicole Willing  2023-07-06T19:30:45+01:00 How can virtual payment cards benefit a business?
Should you consider using virtual cards to pay for business expenses? How can you use them and what are the benefits?

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