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534 Successful Marketing Campaigns

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The Rank #1 SEO Agency in Vancouver
Vancouver SEO Agency is a results-driven digital marketing company focused on Search Engine Optimization, Google Ads PPC, and Social Media Presence.

We help your business increase traffic & boost revenue.

Build reliable lead flows with a proven digital marketing team.
Gone are the days of the “SEO wild west”. — Today, you need REAL SEO and digital marketing experts to succeed. Our growing team of in-house specialists have the latest knowledge in SEO and paid advertising, giving you an edge on your competitors.

If you’re looking to build out a reliable funnel of sales, we can help. Get a free custom-tailored proposal today.

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We don’t just rank, we dominate.  Ready to partner with Vancouver’s #1 ranked SEO company? Get a free proposal today:
Ask yourself this: “How did you find us? “

The answer is likely that you found us in the top results on Google.

That’s because we rank #1 for some of the most competitive keywords for our industry and locality. Search “Vancouver SEO”, “vancouver seo expert”, or any of it’s varieties you can think of, and see for yourself.

It’s no accident that we rank so well, it took skill, experience, and a whole lot of know-how, but you don’t need to spend years learning how to rank when you can hire an agency that’s already done that for you.

Reach out to Vancouver SEO Agency for a free consultation on how we can help you grow.

Notable Clients
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Our Marketing Services
Website Design & Development
Website Design is the first step in creating your sphere of influence online. It’s important to create a web experience, that is completely unique, and tailored to your market. Our web design services focus on how your website should look, feel, and be used by your ideal audience to not only connect with them on a personal level but increase the conversion rate of your website as well.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 
When was the last time you clicked through to the second page on Google? The brutal truth is websites that do not rank within the top 10 results (Page-1) on Google, for any given search, are virtually invisible to online prospects. Our SEO services find the fastest and most efficient path to page-1 rankings, and our A.I. systems determine the most important metrics to focus on by reverse-engineering the Google Algorithm for your high-priority keywords.

Google Ads PPC Management
Pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements can generate large amounts of traffic for your website. The right strategy can change your business forever, but the wrong strategy can flush thousands of dollars down the toilet. We ensure your PPC strategy starts off on the right foot by analyzing competitors’ ads, researching keywords, and optimizing ad copy. We will continuously improve the ad campaign through A/B testing, click-through rate (CTR), and conversion rate optimization.

Social Media Marketing & Management
“There is no B2C, there is no B2B, there is only P2P” (Person-to-person). Social media is the best opportunity in history to build connections with a large audience simultaneously. Marketers know that decisions are made emotionally, and prospects will always pick the company they “feel” best about. By defining and engaging with your social followers, we can build real connections with real people. This means shares, retweets, and major social growth.

Content Marketing & Management Services 
It is generally understood among experts that: “a prospect is willing to spend $1,000 for every 1 hour of your content they’ve consumed.” Not only is content important for relationship development and brand awareness, but it can also play an important role in Google rankings. We keep all three ideas in mind when carefully selecting priority keywords to build engaging content around, and can strike three birds with one stone.

Inbound Lead Generation 
Inbound lead generation is about three simple ideas — “Show up in front of people interested in what you do”, “when they’re looking for it”, and” speak their language”. As a digital marketing agency, we’ve generated 1000’s of inbound leads through organic search-engine, social, and content optimization. Our goal is to spread your content and rank you in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) so qualified leads can find you.

Non-Binding Contracts 
We don’t lock you into a contract that isn’t producing results. Not many SEO agencies are willing to offer a non-binding relationship, but we do. That’s because we trust our team and the results they can bring your business.

5-Star Reviewed 
Digital marketing is our passion, and we take pride in our work. It’s important to us to deliver a 5-star experience each and every time we take on a project. Check out our reviews on Google Maps, Upcity, and Clutch.

Google Partnered 
Google Partners are officially recognized entities who have proven an advanced knowledge and application of Google’s best practices. As a Google partner, our agency plays by the rules and works with legitimate Google-backed methodology. That means your site will be safe from penalization, and banning, often due to “black-hat” techniques that Google disapproves of.

Google Ads Certified 
We prove our proficiency with official certification by Google. Our team of expert Google Ads advertisers have all the certifications issued by Google to prove a high level of proficiency.

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How Your Business Can Benefit From SEO
As you may know, a HUGE portion of the world’s population uses search engines to find what they’re looking for, over 80% in fact.

Capitalize on the 67,000 searches performed on Google each second. 
Search Engine Optimization has the highest ROI out of any marketing effort. 
Search Engines are 400% more effective in driving sales and traffic than Social Media. 
Build a strong organic traffic flow to your website that will last for years to come. 
Develop a powerful online presence and show up in front of high-intent prospects. 
What Makes Us SEO Experts?
The best way to show that our team is in the top 1% of SEO teams, is to do it ourselves against other SEO agencies. Take a look at what we’ve achieved against some of the biggest SEO companies out there.

We Are Rank #1 on Google 
If you searched for, “SEO expert”, “SEO specialist”, or “SEO Agency” in any of our locations, you probably noticed that we rank above 3.3 million results from other “SEO companies”, if you can even call them that. We’ve made it as clear as possible that we know what we’re doing by ranking on the first page for numerous of the most competitive keywords that exist on Google, SEO keywords. We’ve taken years to learn what works, and what doesn’t. This is why we’re a step ahead of other agencies, we’ve spent the time testing and measuring the most effective approaches to search engine optimization. Each strategy we use is the culmination of countless hours of experience.

Ranked #1 On Google Maps 
If you searched for “Vancouver SEO agency”, or “Vancouver SEO Expert”, on Google, you must have noticed our position on Google Maps. With the right optimization, a business can dominate the Google Maps listings which can lead to a steady flow of local leads. After creating hundreds of Google My Business listings, we are true experts on what makes a successful listing, and what makes a total dud. With this experience, we’ve managed to rank #1 on GMB listings for various local keywords. Local listings are always our first priority when working on a new campaign. An optimized GMB listing can get a business off the ground by drawing in qualified leads.

Trusted By Small to Large-Scale Businesses 
If you saw one of our business listings, read one of our expert guest posts, or were referred to us by one of our clients, you’ve probably learned our client satisfaction rate is fantastic. This is because we take the time to know our partners, their goals, and their obstacles. We ask: “what result would make you happy”? We are completely honest about whether we can reach your desired result, in the desired amount of time, and within the project budget. We can make accurate predictions with an SEO campaign through diligent market research, and our proprietary A.I. SEO predictive modelling. Google is always making changes to their algorithm, but our deep learning techniques can reverse-engineer the new changes in a matter of days. If you decide to partner with Vancouver SEO Agency, you’ll know that you’ll always be ahead of your competition.

Drive Business Growth With Vancouver SEO Agency
Are you ready to build traffic to your website? Jump on a quick call with one of our marketing specialists and let us know about your current situation and needs.

Our team will carefully craft a unique no-obligation strategy proposal on how we can improve your marketing efforts to reach your business goals.

Case Studies
With over thousands of digital marketing projects undertaken, our team offers Vancouver’s leading search marketing service.

Browse some of our agency’s work, and how we’ve been able to deliver desired results to local companies consistently using our proprietary technology and marketing techniques to drive traffic.

Organic Clicks Increase

Ron Parpara
Rank #1 

Realtor in Vancouver.

Jet Pet Resort

Increase in organic website clicks.

City Wide Cleaning
Over 40 

New high-intent leads a month.

Release The Hounds
Over 1 Million 

Additional clicks on new content assets.

Leads / Month

Non-Binding Contracts 
We extend an unprecedented promise to our clients with a non-binding month-to-month contract. We respect that you are paying for results, if an agreement is made with realistic expectations, you shouldn’t be required to continue if the company doesn’t deliver. As far as we know, NO OTHER AGENCY OFFERS THIS, and there’s a simple reason for that.

They don’t know if they can get you results, period.

Monthly Reports 
Every month we send out reports that include rankings updates and other valuable information. We keep your online business secure by informing you of adjustments in the industry, and our recommendations to stay ahead of them.

We go over our month-to-month plan to keep you up to date with the techniques we’re using to boost your traffic.

Clear Deliverables 
Instead of a “wishy-washy” SEO approach, where deliverables are unclear, we allow our deep analysis to define what is needed to rank your website.

We can then, with a high level of accuracy, determine how many back-links you’ll need, what on-page changes are needed, and how long the whole campaign will take. With this level of certainty, we can create a monthly “deliverables” list, and grind out the work until your website is ranking.

What You Can Expect.
Our agency is focused on happy and lasting relationships, we start by doing what others wont .


What You Can Expect.
Our agency is focused on happy and lasting relationships, we start by doing what others wont .


We've driven   thousands       of leads for our clients. Schedule a free strategy call with one of our marketing experts today. 
Based on 7 reviews 
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City Wide Environmental Cleaning
We have been using Vancouver SEO Agency for a few years now and can't say enough good things about them. Linden and the team are very knowledgeable, provide quick service when we have questions and all round great people. Highly recommend!
[Image: Jono Catliff]  
Jono Catliff
I had the pleasure of working with Linden and he was amazing. He was very professional, experienced and really listen to my concerns and helped me out. I would definitely recommend Vancouver SEO agency to anyone looking to generate more leads/sales through their online presence
[Image: Jessika Elvin]  
Jessika Elvin
Linden and his partner were really great at explaining what they do and why they do it; You just have to look at their rankings to know that they can do what they say they can. If your business needs visibility Linden is the guy to talk to.
[Image: Sarah B]  
Sarah B
Thanks to Braeden and Linden for optimizing my search results. I was feeling clueless and frustrated before I found out about their business.
[Image: Hank Freudenberg]  
Hank Freudenberg
Our company has some experience working with SEO companies in the past, and for the most part, they were fairly cheap services, but they took FOREVER to make any progress. I think we had one of them working on our site for over a year, and we only went up one page: from page 3 to page 2. Twelve months! I've found after working with Vancouver SEO that you get what you pay for when it comes to SEO. Although their price was a fair bit higher than what we were used to, we felt that the people we had talked to had a firm grasp on what was needed to meet our goals.One thing I liked about the way they did things was that their campaign had an end date - many of the other agencies just keep going forever. The first couple of months we had a big bump upwards in rankings, and as I understand it, it is not very typical to get much movement early on. It must have been that our website's optimization wasn't very good until they fixed it. From there it was a steady climb.In the end, we were elated with the final results of the campaign; we're on the front page for nearly all of the competitive searches we were going after and we've noticed a significant increase in the leads coming through our website. This company has been by far the best out of the five we've tried. They are easy to work with and get excellent results. It was a great experience partnering up with them!
[Image: Elvin Adcock]  
Elvin Adcock
I've been working with Linden for a couple of years now. He's helped my local business in Vancouver show up for all 9 of our keywords on the first page.I'm not sure if it gets much better than Linden. He's Enthusiastic about his work, delivers on value, and goes above and beyond in campaigns.
[Image: Hayden Conway]  
Hayden Conway
Hey, everyone, I don't usually leave reviews, but I wanted to take the time to write this one and share my experience because it meant a lot to me. Linden Schwark and I got together and started an SEO campaign in early January. I was keen on having my firm's website come up on the first page of Google for multiple cities across the country. I don't think revealing the exact business name of my firm would be a good idea, but I'm glad to say that we are now dominating for many of the competitive local searches we were targeting, and the rankings have been stable. Linden is extremely knowledgeable on anything Google, and I always feel that my website is in safe hands for any future Google updates. I highly recommend this company.
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Vancouver SEO Agency | Copyright © 2015-2022 Lionel & Bradford Ecommerce Ltd. All rights reserved.

[Image: Google Partner Badge]   
Vancouver SEO Agency | Copyright © 2015-2022 Lionel & Bradford Ecommerce Ltd. All rights reserved.


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