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28-Day Meal Plan Challenge
Create a personalized meal plan based on BMI, weight, height, age, daily activity, and eating habits.

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Source of energy!
Christina Leonard

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I am postmenopausal, started IF about a month ago with the Lasta fasting program. I've done things like this off and on naturally throughout my life. In addition, I stopped experiencing sudden attacks of anger or aggression, my depression is gone along with the extra pounds.

Christina Leonard

🇺🇸 New York

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Feeling fantastic
Claire Wagen

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Thanks for the tips on intermittent fasting Lasta! I've been doing IF DAILY with Lasta for over 5 months now, never failed a cycle. I do not freeze during fasting. I started with Keto 16:8, then low carb 20:4. Now OMAD 22:2. I have not lost strength, but I have lost 30 pounds. My skin is clearer, and I have energy for another 100 years :) Lasta has everything I need to lose weight easily and quickly. I've been really enjoying it for all this time, since I tried this app. Thank you!

Claire Wagen

🇺🇸 Chicago

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The app works great!
Petra Sohan

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No errors or crashes. I'm not on a diet but I need to lose 35-40 pounds for health reasons. The app helps me stay on track with a variety of reminders and offers healthy eating tips. Most helpful are the activity levels based on the hourly fast, they say what's happening in my body; it really encourages to reach a higher level of healing. It's not all about weight loss. The popups in notification bar allows me to see how many hours I have either fasted or been in my eating window.

Petra Sohan

🇺🇸 Texas

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There is no guarantee of specific results and the results can vary depending on your starting point, goal and efforts.

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What is your body type?
How many times a week do you workout?
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How many hours do you sleep?
What is your eating style?
Do you eat fish?
How many glasses of water do you usually drink a day?
Do you drink dairy products?
Do you drink dairy products?
You did it! Just one more clarification, before you get your personalized nutrition plan and start your journey to your perfect body!

Enter your measurements
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Congratulations! You have created your meal plan
Intermittent fasting promotes weight loss as it limits your calorie intake naturally and creates a calorie deficit to make your body use body fat as fuel.

Also, fasting boosts your metabolism, rejuvenates, and heals your body.

Yes. With Lasta you learn to differ your physical and emotional pangs of hunger better and develop your own new cheering up rituals.

Firstly, your menu, the healthier it is, the better your body changes.

To boost your progress, keep an eye on your sleeping schedule, water intake, and physical activity.

And Lasta has trackers to make it easy for you!

Well, for you we have a set of tools to get rid of the preoccupation with weight, food, calories and develop a healthy relationship with food and your body instead.

Not only you lose weight - you already feel better in midpoints too.

Here is how can you access your Keto Plan in the app:

1. Download Your Keto Plan app

2. Open the Welcome letter from Your Keto Plan and copy your password.

3. Open Your Keto Plan app, and press on "I have an account" button.

4. Put your email and your password, and press on "Sign In with email" button.

5. Start following your daily Keto Plans and watch your body change.

Once you have a question or need a hand of help, feel free to contact our customer care team via [email protected] We will assist you promptly!

In order to change your login email, please contact [email protected]

In case you do not have or do not remember your password, you can easily reset it here.

If you see no "Reset password" email, please try looking for the in the "Spam" and "Promo" sections of your mailbox.

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