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asbestos dust mask bunnings
asbestos dust mask bunnings

This gas mask made of high quality rubber & PC lens, durable and sturdy for you use a long time. 😷😷😷
It is applicable environment with coal, graphite, charcoal, asbestos, talc, cement, lead smoke, smoke dust, cotton metal, casting, chemical packaging, paint spraying and other kinds of dust and gas, viruses, bacteria can be isolated and adsorption. 😍😍😍
The main mask and goggles integration design.πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
Choose it now! >> https://bit.ly/2ACvhEX

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In today's world you have to have a major hazmat team to remove a small amount of Asbestos. Here is a vintage box of pure Asbestos we used to use as snow in the 50s. I have my own story. When I first started working in the motion picture industry, I worked at the CBS Radford Studio City Studio in the Special Effects Department. Back then the fireplaces you saw burning in your favorite movie or tv show was a gas line burning rock like fake logs. The 3 sided back of the fireplace was quarter inch Asbestos board. Every Saturday my friend Noel Butcher and I would cut up 4 feet by 8 feet sheets of Asbestos board for future fireplace boxes. No mask or anything for protection. It's amazing that I have never been bothered by the dust. When I returned to the Studio in the 90s there was a major emergency with sirens blasting and 2 yellow Hazmat trucks went to the scene dock where they found one 4 by 8 door with Asbestos in it. Wow times have changed...


Advanced Furnace & Air Duct Cleaning has been in business for over 52 years and going strong.  We are leaders in the duct cleaning industry and over 80% of our business is currently from referrals and repeat customers.

At Advanced Furnace we value quality and our pricing structure is based on ensuring every consumer's home receives the highest quality of care and workmanship.

When shopping price you get what they pay for.  Low pricing doesn’t necessarily equal value.  Low pricing may be pleasing to the ear and to the pocketbook, but it quickly becomes irrelevant when your issue has not been solved.  Advanced Furnace has cleaned up after many of these bargains!  Price becomes irrelevant if a job is done incorrectly. Price becomes irrelevant if your problem isn’t solved and the job must be repeated along with the cost of repeating the work.  Price is irrelevant when a company offers a cheap price but then tries to upsell you until the price exceeds ours!  This happens more often that you would think.
Low price DOES NOT always equal value.  As a customer, ask yourself, “Why do I want an air duct cleaning in my home or business?” Is there a child or an adult with severe allergies? Is there a pervasive odor in the home? Is there excessive dust in the home? Is there a high rate of absenteeism in the work place due to allergies and illness?  Is there a visible sign of mold in my home or business?  Do we suffer from respiratory illnesses?  Is my HVAC system not working up to par?  Advanced Furnace & Air Duct Cleaning can address these issues because we have properly trained technicians and the best, well maintained equipment in the industry.  We can address the root cause of your problem not just mask it or make it look clean.   Only a company with our experience and knowledge can get to the root cause of the reason you called a duct cleaner in the first place!  We have seen it all in the 52 years we have been leaders in the industry.  We NEVER give up on a customer with a pervasive issue and we have testimonies to prove that fact.
Continuing education and having alliances with the top associations in the industry is key to our success.  Maintaining memberships and getting the necessary continuing education credits necessary to keep up with their requirements is imperative.  Schooling, attending conferences and seminars every year are requirements for membership.  We maintain accreditation with the Better Business Bureau who checks our website yearly to make sure it is accurate and honest.  Here are our certifications:

• NADCA Company as well as NADCA certified technicians (National Air Duct Cleaning Association)
• National Asbestos & Environmental Training
• NFPA Members (National Fire Protection Association)
• ASHRAE Members (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers)
• National Chimney Sweet Guild Members
• IKECA Members (International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association)
• Certified Exhaust Cleaning Specialists
• IAQA Members (Indoor Air Quality Associations)
• US EPA Certification (Department of Environmental Protection)
• NJBIA Members
• NJ Division of Consumer Affairs
• BBB Accredited Business
• NJ Public Works Contractor
• DOT Registered
• IICRC Certified (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification)
• IICRC Water Damage Restoration
• IICRC Applied Microbial Remediation
• IICRC Remediation Technician
• Healthcare Facilities Management Society
• EMSL Training in Mold Assessment
• EMSL Training in Legionella
• Course Training in Investigating & Mitigating Microbiological Contamination in Buildings
• Course Training in Residential Duct Design & Sealing

This list is ever growing as we believe keeping up with the latest techniques and improvements in the industry are important to providing our customers with the right service.

If you are shopping simply by being price focused, then Advanced Furnace & Air Duct Cleaning may not be for you. If you are looking for an honest, educated company that can boast of longevity, that’s sole purpose is getting to the root of your problem, that cares about your health and sees your repeat business and referrals from family and friends as priceless, then give us a call.  We are here to help!


Pneumoconiosis is any lung -disease caused by dust particles that can damage the lungs. The type of disease varies according to the kind of dust inhaled, although symptoms are
usually similar regardless of the cause.

*Types of dust that may cause pneumoconiosis* include:

1. coal dust from drilling into rock when mining

2. asbestos fibers, often from insulation or roofing
cotton dust, usually from textile manufacturing

3. silica, often from sand and rock at a foundry

4. beryllium, a lightweight metal used in electronics
aerospace industries

5. aluminum oxide, cobalt, and talc

Different forms of the disease include coal workers' pneumoconiosis (CWP), also known as black lung disease, and byssinosis, also known as brown lung disease, caused by cotton fibers. Pneumoconiosis caused by asbestos is called asbestosis.

If a person breathes in harmful dust particles, they can be deposited in the lungs. The body's immune system will send cells to surround the dust particles to try to stop them causing
damage. This causes inflammation and can sometimes lead to scar tissue, known as fibrosis.

If inflammation or fibrosis are severe, they may cause
symptoms of pneumoconiosis.

Pneumoconiosis can take a long time to develop, as dust can build up slowly or take many years to cause a reaction in the lungs. This means that symptoms may not appear immediately
after dust particles have entered the lungs.

A person with pneumoconiosis may no longer work in an environment with dust that has caused the disease.

*The key symptoms of pneumoconiosis are:*

# difficulty breathing, or shortness of breath
# a cough, which may produce phlegm
# tightness in the chest

These symptoms can be similar to those of a cold or chest infection. However, symptoms tend to persist and could indicate pneumoconiosis if someone experiencing them has
worked in an environment with harmful dust particles.

If scarring in the lungs is severe, oxygen may be less able to make it into the bloodstream. Low levels of oxygen in the blood can cause problems for other organs in the body, such
as the heart and brain.

*Risk factors*
Coal dust from mining may cause pneumoconiosis.

There are clear risk factors for pneumoconiosis and a range of jobs that are more likely to bring people into contact with harmful dust.

Some examples of occupations that may bring workers into contact with dust particles that cause pneumoconiosis
* plumbers, roofers, and builders who work with
* coal miners
* textile workers

Working with dust particles does not mean that a person will develop pneumoconiosis. Many steps can be taken to protect workers.

The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) is a law that instructs employers to make sure that their workplace is "free from recognized hazards," which includes exposure to harmful dust.
*Preventive Measures*
Steps that can be taken to help prevent pneumoconiosis in the
workplace include:

1. keeping levels of dust down

2. ventilating a workspace properly

3. providing regular medical examinations

4. making sure workers wear a face mask and
protective clothing

5. washing hands and face before eating or drinking

Being exposed to high levels of dust or working in unsafe
conditions for a long time will increase the risk of
pneumoconiosis. Smoking can also make someone more vulnerable to developing the condition.
Many employers offer a routine check for lung diseases, such
as a chest X-ray or breathing test, if employees are exposed to harmful dust in the workplace.

If a person has symptoms of pneumoconiosis, a doctor will complete a physical examination and ask about medical history, including whether the person has been exposed to dust particles. A more detailed examination may be carried out by a doctor specializing in the lungs, known as a

A chest X-ray or CT scan can reveal inflammation, excess
fluid, or scarring in the lungs. A test may also be done to check how much oxygen is reaching the blood from the lungs.
Sometimes a biopsy may be needed to rule out other

*Adam Muhammad*
*Health Educator*

New Instore!
Soviet GP-5 Gas Mask with Bag (4 Sizes)

The Gas Mask is a single filter gas mask. It was issued to the Soviet population starting in 1970; production ended in 1989.

The gas masks are designed to protect from nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) agents. These protective masks are intended to protect the respiratory organs, face and eyes from the effects of toxic agents, radioactive dust and bacteriological aerosols.

This is a brand new civilian model gas mask.

All filters supplied are post 1980 and do not contain asbestos.

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