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Mt. Kailash Discover the true solitude Pilgrims at Mt. Kailash Discover the true solitude Find your dream tour to Tibet with local experience travel agency Learn More
Welcome To Tibet Focus Travel & Tours 
A Tibetan Owned Travel Agency In Tibet As Tibet Travel Guide For Your Tibet Trip 
Tashi Delek! 
Tibet Focus Travel & Tours is a Tibetan travel agency based in Lhasa city of Tibet. Our company is a Tibetan owned travel agency. We are offering wide ranges of Tibet tour packages, both private and small group Tibet trips.  

We are a Tibetan travel agency registered with the Tourism Bureau of the Tibet Autonomous Region of China. Our company is established in 2013 by enthusiastic ex-Tibetan tour guides with decades of experience in the Tibet travel field.  

We are one of the top-rated Tibet travel company and an expert crew on Tibet journey. As a local and responsible Tibetan travel agency, all our tours are environmentally friendly. We’re expert in spiritual Kailash travel and proper pilgrimage guide in Tibet. We additionally deal with connecting tours offerings to NepalBhutan, and other provinces of China. 

Don’t miss the FUN with Tibet Focus Travel & Tours company.” 

 Tibet Is Open Now 
Finally, Tibet is fully open to tourists from all over the world and the Tibet travel permit is start processed by the Tibet tourism bureau now. 

Welcome to Tibet again, the land of ancient traditions and breathtaking landscapes. If you’re planning a trip to this remarkable region, there’s no better way to experience its beauty and culture than with a reputable Tibetan travel agency in Tibet. 

For any Tibet travel information, you can call us anytime on +86 135 1891 0091, send us a message at +86 135 1891 0091 or email [email protected] 

Remain risk-free & best wishes 

Popular Tibet Tour Packages 
Private & Group Tours

14 Days Kailash Tour
14 Days
Availability : Jan 2021' - Dec 2023'
(2 Reviews) 
Kailash Bon Tour
12 Days
Availability : Jan 2020’ - Dec 2020’
Special Offer
Kailash Charansparsh Tour
12 Days
Availability : Jan 2021’ - Dec 2023’
(1 Review) 
Shoton Festival Tour
7 Days
Availability : Jan 2021’ - Dec 2023’
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[Image: Kailash tour picture from Trulku Gompa Tibetan owned travel agency]  
Mount Kailash
7 tours
[Image: Lhasa city tour at Barkor street]  
22 tours
[Image: Everest Base Camp Tibetan owned travel agency]  
Everest Base Camp
8 tours
[Image: Thonpa Shenrab Bon founder Tibetan owned travel agency]  
Bon Spiritual
2 tours
 Kailash Mansarovar Yatra Featured Video - Tibet Travel / Our Tibet Travel Channel On Youtube

Kailash Mansarovar yatra with Charansparsh 
The Kailash Mansarovar Yatra with Charansparsh tour for the Hindu fans is the top-selling pilgrimage tours in Tibet. Each year we’ve got greater than thousands of Hindu followers from America, Canada, England, Singapore, and so on. 

We are the local Tibetan-owned travel agency working on Indian pilgrimage that keeps the overseas passport rather than the Indian passport. 

Kailash Mansarovar: 
Mt. Kailash and Lake Mansarovar have deep roots in Hindu mythology and are believed to be sacred. 

The clockwise circumambulation of mt. Kailash’s 52km yatra is assumed to deliver purity in one existence and the holiest spot for the Hindus worldwide. 

This particular pilgrimage itinerary to Kailash includes the Charansparsh – to the touch the north face of Kailash. 

The Tibet journey to Kailash Mansarovar begins from Lhasa with two days inside the city to acclimate sightseeing. The tour consists of visits to cultural heritage sites, including the Potala Palace, Norbu Lingka Palace, and some other sightseeing in Lhasa. 

The tour then travels westward to saga to reach the holy lake Mansarovar and Mt. Kailash. Finally, after three days of circumambulation, you will drive back to Lhasa and fly home. 

Explore Tibet By Regions 
[Image: Potala Palace At Lhasa]  
Top Attractions In Holy City Lhasa Include’ The Potala Palace

Explore Lhasa
[Image: Lhoka sightseeing]  
Top Attractions In Lhoka (Shannan) Include’ The Samye Monastery

Explore Lhoka
[Image: Gyantse Dzong attraction]  
Gyantse – The home to the Barley & Home to the Panchen Lamas!

Explore Gyantse
[Image: Everest from the top of Pangla Pass]  
Most Interesting Attractions In Shigatse Include’ Mt. Everest

Explore Shigatse
[Image: Ngari attraction Kailash]  
Best – Mysterious Land Of West Tibet – Explore The Celestial Ngari

Explore Ngari
The Most Fertile Lands Of Tibet “Kongpo” Region in Tibetan!

Explore Nyingchi
Our Best Investment 
  • My Second Tibet Travel 
    It’s my second time visiting Tibet through Tibet Focus Travel & Tours, the Tibetan travel agency provided me with a fully customized and personalized trip, visiting Kerung, Saga, Holy lake Manasarovar, Mt. Kailash, Guge Kingdom, and Dungkar Piyang Cave.

    Very lovely and professional guides, I am planning for my third visit after the vanish of the Corona epidemic. And just for documentation, I am writing this review in March 2020, while my second visit was in September 2019, and my first visit was in July 2014.

    Norbu, the owner of Tibet Focus Travel & Tours did a great job in designing my itinerary as per my wishes, booking the hotels in Kathmandu, and applying for the Chinese Visa. Most importantly, the application for the Tibet travel permit. 

    Our guide Mr Migmar and the driver Jampa did an excellent job in ensuring my comfort during my  Tibet trip and they are very friendly and helped me a lot.

    The journey from Kathmandu to the far west Guge kingdom requires a long driving distance and Jampa drives us to each destination very safely.

    I mostly like the knowledge of the guides, they answer all questions about Buddhism, Tibet history, and culture.

    Thanks for everything!

    2020. March

     Saudi Arabia
  • Find your soul in peace 
    Afraid to visit Tibet caused by the Tibet visa permit?

    it is not easy, that’s why we choose Tibet Focus Travel to prepare everything for us. They are the Tibetan owned travel agency in Lhasa city of Tibet.

    If you go with them, everything you need is just to pack your bag and go … really easy .. and Norbu the guide and the owner really takes care of you when you go with them.

    Norbu explains clearly what do’s and don’ts in the Tibet area. He knew very well about the area because he was born there and make a living there. Moreover, he really does care what your concern is about food, what your purpose to go.

    We go to Kailash, and Guge kingdom as well which is very fascinating. The car and accommodation that we use are all good and clean. Do not worry about the clean issue… there is hassle-free when you do the tour with them.

    Thanks for taking us, we will be travel back soon to Tibet. A really beautiful landscape and friendly people there.

  • Memorable Tibet trip 
    We have just had the pleasure of having Norbu as our guide and tour manager in Tibet for 7 days. To be honest we were nervous about having a guide for this length of time but we need not have been.

    He is kind, well organized, patient, professional, and quick to laugh making. It’s a pleasure to spend this length of time with him and his companies service. They are the Local Tibetan travel agency in Tibet.

    We’re sheep farmers from New Zealand and our main reason for visiting Tibet was to see Mount Everest from the recently shifted base camp for non-climbers. We were not disappointed but Tibet is so much more and Norbu shared with us these other components.

    His knowledge of Tibetan history and Buddhism is excellent and through this knowledge, you get a real feel for Tibet. For example the directions of the kora, the various forms of Buddha, food – especially barley.

    Tennor also listened to our requests to stop at sights we were interested in such as agricultural fieldwork and my fascination over “dung patties” made for home fires.

    If you are visiting Tibet then we would recommend you do it with this company- you will not be disappointed.

    2019 May

     New Zealand
Expert Knowledge
Local Tibetan Owned Travel Agency
All our specialists are born in Tibet as we are the locals.

100% Tailor made
Decades of experiences
We will create the perfect Tibet trip designed around your requirement.

The best guides
Based in Lhasa Tibet
Since we are the locals, our guides are the real expert team.

Fully protected
We are fully licensed company
24/7 full emergency support while you are in Tibet.

2 Responses
  1. Say V
    Namaste Norbu,

    How are you? How is the COVID-19 IN Tibet?
    I hope you and all your family members are safe!

    I am very sorry for the very late reviews which I had promised. I was excited to do the parikrama of Kailash and Holy Mansarovar tour with you. You made all this happen. Our driver played Hindi and Tibetan songs and made me feel at home. Had a great conversation with fellow yatris from different corners of the world.

    At no point in time, there was a reason to complain since Norbu like Hanuman Ji was always around and helped each one of us with whatever required.

    The parikrama and the darshan of Kailash from various vantage points were just mesmerizing. Especially the view of Kailash in the morning the rays of the sun turn the peak into gold.

    Thank you Norbu and Thank you for all of your team!
    Your team are the best travel agency in Tibet – Tibet Focus Travel & Tours

    Har Har Mahadev!

    1. TibetFocusTravel
      Dear sir, Thanks for the review!
      We are very happy that you had such a great trip to Tibet with us.

      So far we don’t have an infected person in Tibet and life is back to normal several months ago.
      We all safe here in Tibet!

      Thank you!

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[Image: Thonpa Shenrab Bon founder Tibetan owned travel agency]  
[Image: Everest Base Camp Tibetan owned travel agency]  
[Image: Lhasa city tour at Barkor street]  
[Image: Lhoka top sightseeing yumbu lakhang]  
[Image: Kailash tour picture from Trulku Gompa Tibetan owned travel agency]  
[Image: Nyingchi Tour In Tibet]  
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