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 always expect GREAT TASTE, GOOD TIMES
Here at Barney’s Burgers we take pride in the quality of the meat used for each and every burger. If it’s not perfect and grilled just the way you ordered it, we won’t send it out.  We guarantee the burger delivered to your table is the best burger you could have ordered.
local craft BARLEY & HOPS
No good burger is complete without that refreshing taste of local Bounder craft beer. We have over 20 beers on tap, and a full bar for your liquior lovers. From Bud light to Whiskey, we have the liquids to cwinch your thrist. 
only the best BURGERS & SIDES
Our menu ranges from your old school to some mind blowing custom burgers and sides.
Classic Cheese Burger 
 Baconator Burger 
 Slap Your Face Burger 
 French Fies 
 Boiled Peanuts 
 Chili Slices 
Our potatoes come fresh from the most awesome places in Idaho. We only use the best possible oils to fry them in. No soggy flimsy fires here, we serve only the best. Crisp golden fries combined with our special seasoning and salt. Fries are standard with every order, and if you didn’t get your fill there, we also have the best boiled peanuts in the world. Yes we said world. 

​Come give us a try and see what everyone in Pearland is talking about our meat. We have a full menu of over 10 different handcrafted burgers, 5 different ways you can get your fries, 20 milkshake flavors, and over 14 sides including Mac & Cheese. So stroll down, have a seat, and experience the best burger. 
​Your mouth will thank you later.

come dine in HOURS & LOCATION
Monday — Friday
11am — 9pm
12pm — 6pm
​12pm — 5pm
Barney's Burgers
1327 East Halik Street
​Pearland, TX 99387

​(818) 033-2016

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