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The Gentlemen's
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Welcome to
Southcorner barbershop was established in 2001. We cater soley to males that are looking for upscale hair treatments. Out premium services provide men of all ages, that flawless look.
​We offer our clients a wide range of services from straight razor shaving, hair styling, beard grooming and even eyebrow trimming. Our retro style shop gives men the opportunity to have their hair treated by professionals that know men's hair.
Meet the Owners
From the depths of New York City, Jonathan has over 14 years of experience in men's grooming. Starting out from a small shop in Queens, he grew to a very solid barber.
Age   33

Experience   14 Years

Clipping Style   Straight Razor

Facial Hair   Bearded Up
With 19 years of experience grooming distinguished gentlemen, Mikahbrings a level of premium quality to a whole new high. Mikah comes from a family of barbers.
Age    38

Experience    19 Years

Clipping Style    Scissor Cut

Facial Hair    Bearded Up
Location & Hours
Experience the ultimate grooming style at Southcorner Barbershop. Our barbers know men's hair, and they know style. We're located in the heart of downtown Orlando, Florida.

​1332 West Gore Street
Suite, 101
​Orlando, FL 33871

9am - 7pm

southcorner barbershop
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