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Professional Raccoon Removal and Raccoon Control Services
Raccoons are adorable furry creatures that inhabit our beautiful country. They are also a nuisance and pose health risks to humans. The primary goal of Centurian Widlife Control is to ensure the safe handling and removal of all wildlife that may have invaded your home. To prevent further invasion, my team of experts are trained to locate the points of entry and seal them off. The final steps of removal include the sanitation of all affected areas to aid the prevention of health risks to my customers.

Locations Map We operate in the following states: [Image: Raccon Removal]   Removing raccoons from the home Nuisance Raccoons Digging In Your Garbage?
Have a problem with raccoons at your home or business? We can help, we are experts at Raccoon Removal! Raccoons love trash because humans discard a LOT of food in their waste bins after meals. A good way to prevent this is to purchase garbage cans with lids that snap in place, or by buying square-bottomed garbage bins (they are harder to knock over than round garbage cans). For more information about raccoon removal, check out our info and FAQ's pages.

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