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Download TikTok video

Start to use our free and no watermark TikTok video downloader app :

TikTok video Download without watermark
Qload.info is a free online Tik Tok downloader that can save TikTok video by link without watermark. This tool download video from TikTok in a high HD quality and in a MP4 format.

Unlimited downloads
Save TikTok videos no watermark without any limits

No watermark
Save TikTok video without logo

MP4 and MP3 formats
Download TikTok videos as MP4 files or convert them to MP3 format

Without registration
Download TikToks no registration

Download TikToks for free
Our TikTok video downloader without watermark is totally free

Supported on all devices
Download TikTok videos without watermark on all devices: Android, iOS, PC

How to Download TikTok video without watermark on mobile phone
We offer a simple free way to save Tik Tok no watermark to your phone:

  1. Copy the link to the video you like in Tik Tok app
  2. Place the link in a special field on the main page of the Qload.info online downloader and click on the "Download" button
After a couple of seconds, the video without TT watermark will be in your mobile!

This universal method is suitable for both android and iPhone. The main advantage is that you can download Tik Tok videos to your phone for free without installing any special programs and extensions, and without creating an account.

How to Download TikTok video without watermark for PC
An easy way to TikTok download videos on PC:

  1. Copy the video link on the official Tik Tok website
  2. Place a link to the main page of the Qload.info downloader, click on the "Download" button
Within a couple of seconds, the TT video will be downloaded to your PC!

How to download TikTok videos
You need to follow next steps:

  1. Copy link from the Tik Tok video
  2. Put the link into a special field on the main page of TikTok watermark remover Qload.info and click on the "Download" button
Also you can use our Twitter downloader

Frequently Asked Questions:

No! You can download Tik Tok video completely free! Our tool Qload.info is very easy to use and fits all devices.

No! Only you need to save and remove TikTok watermark is our online TikTok downloader Qload.info. Copy Tik Tok video link, paste it on main page of TT Downloader and click on "Download" button. Video will be saved to your device soon! This tool is supported in all browsers such as Chrome, Yandex, Google, Safari and etc.

No! You don't need to create an account to download TikTok video without watermark from TT link. Only put this link into special field on mane page of our TT video downloader and click "Download" button. Soon the no watermark video will be in the gallery of your device! Also you should know that our TikTok video downloader is anonymous and it doesn't keep file copies.

No! Our TikTok Saver cannot download private tiktok videos because it is not possible to access the contents of closed accounts. Therefore, before you save a Tik Tok video without a watermark, be sure that the account is not private.

Under the TikTok video you like, click on the "Share" button, then click on the "Copy link" button. Good, you can save TikTok video without watermark from the copied link!

Yes, this service includes TikTok video downloader with watermark. To do this, click on the "Download video with a watermark" checkbox.

Downloaded TT videos no logo are saved to default downloads folder. You can change the destination folder in your browser settings.

Attention, please, your video link should look like the examples below:

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If you have any suggestions for working and improving our service, we will be happy to receive them using the following ways:

Attention! This site is not owned by Bytedance and is not affiliated in any way with Bytedance, nor is it an advertisement for the TikTok app or Bytedance company.

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