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Poker news
by  pokerface12  
on  Apr 30
In a few hours, WPT Prime event #4 of Season 2 will […]
by  pokerface12  
on  Apr 21
Short stack poker means bringing little money.This aggressive tactic yields enormous profits. […]
by  pokerface12  
on  Apr 15
Courchevel, a game similar to Omaha, is pretty exciting. Each Courchevel participant […]
by  pokerface12  
on  Apr 9
Books as self-study poker instructionThe majority of people still rely on books […]
by  pokerface12  
on  Apr 8
The inaugural Badugi bracelet tournament, with a $1500 buy-in, will be held […]
by  pokerface12  
on  Jan 15
The new year has here, and everyone enjoys reading some intriguing forecasts. […]
by  pokerface12  
on  Jan 13
Hand trackers are an indispensable tool for a regular, but it is […]

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