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Fast. Convenient. Secure.
Accept Crypto on Your Website
Grow your business with a gateway that will save you time and money
Sign up for free in 2 clicks • Easy setup in 2 minutes • Tech support 24/7
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No proof of identity needed; we don’t keep transaction details
Mass Payouts
Pool all your transactions together saving 80% on fees
0% chargeback
Transactions cannot be canceled or reversed on Blockchain
Crypto Payment Gateway for All Kinds of Needs
Customize Plisio API to meet your business demands and become part of the market with $300 billion+ turnover.
High Risk
Online Retail
Simple code. Easy setup.
Use our code to connect your business in a few clicks. Our API will show you that managing your funds and invoices or calculating fees has never been easier.
<?php // Get balance: $secretKey = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"; $plisio = new \Plisio\ClientAPI($secretKey); $currency = "DOGE"; $balance = $plisio->getBalances($currency); if ($balance && isset($balance["status"]) && $balance["status"] === "success" ) { echo $balance["data"]["balance"]; } else { print_r($balance); } ?>
<?php // Make payouts: $secretKey = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"; $plisio = new \Plisio\ClientAPI($secretKey); $payments = [ "0xc0829421C1d260BD3Cb3E0f06CFE2D52dB2cE315" => 0.08850904, "0x29551FC9c39A95d8f93ad4209944Ff05846A05F3" => 0.15489082, ]; $currency = "ETH"; $massWithdrawal = $plisio->createMassWithdrawal($payments, $currency); if ($massWithdrawal && isset($massWithdrawal["status"]) && $massWithdrawal["status"] === "success" ) { header("Location: " . $massWithdrawal["data"]["tx_url"]); } else { print_r($massWithdrawal); } ?>
<?php // Create invoice: $secretKey = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"; $plisio = new \Plisio\ClientAPI($secretKey); $request = [ "amount" => 0.00550550, "currency" => "BTC", "order_number" => "654", "order_name" => "Manhattan", "description" => "New York Pizza Delivery", ]; $invoice = $plisio->createTransaction($request); if ($invoice && isset($invoice["status"]) && $invoice["status"] === "success" ) { header("Location: " . $invoice["data"]["invoice_url"]); } else { print_r($invoice); } ?>
Boost your Business
Save time and money with Mass Payouts. No Limits. No Boundaries
  • Easily enter an international market
  • Pool together up to 1000 transactions saving 80% on fees
  • Import your data from file (.xls)
  • No limits for payout amount
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Fair Pricing
No monthly, setup or hidden fees. We charge only one fee of 0.5%. Personal plans for businesses with a higher turnover rate.
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Enhanced Privacy
We do not collect our clients’ data. Your funds are protected with 2FA, SSL Technology and Trusted IPs.
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Let Your Business Develop with Us
We launch new features and tools every month
White Label
A perfect design for your business

  • No “Powered by” sign
  • No redirects to Plisio
  • Your own design
Build Invoices
Build, send and track your invoices

  • Easy to build
  • Send via e-mail, SMS and messengers
  • QR-codes for instant payment
Accept Donations
Easily accept crypto donations

  • Accept any crypto
  • Customise your Donation Page design
  • Copy a link or QR code to integrate to your web resources
Register on Plisio Today
Grow Your Business while Saving Time and Money
Sign up for free in 2 clicks • Easy setup in 2 minutes • Tech support 24/7
  • Free-of-charge registration and setup
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support
  • Automated mass payouts
  • Enhanced privacy and security
  • Multi-currency account
  • Trending integrations

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