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If this is your domain name, please visit this page to see how to register it as DNS zone into your account.

Note: If you already have registered the DNS zone for your domain name, please wait for DNS propagation. Your web site will be displayed soon. It may take few minutes.

* Do you know what the DNS outage is?

The DNS outage, also known as DNS downtime or DNS failure is a period of time when the domain name can’t be resolved to its IP address. For example, the visitor will send a DNS query for a domain name www.example.com, but the DNS recursive server will answer with the old IP address from its cache, which will not respond. In other cases, it will try to query the DNS authoritative name server of the domain name and won't get an answer.

Many reasons may cause a DNS outage:

  • Maintenance of the authoritative name server
  • Large DDoS attacks
  • DNS propagation delay
  • and many more...
Avoiding DNS downtime is significant for the rating of your website and the excellent user experience of your visitors. There are some good practices that you can consider, like using Secondary DNS service or Load balancing.

If you want to learn more about DNS downtime and how to avoid it, take a look at this article about the DNS outage!

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