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Buy proxy server
PapaProxy – high quality server proxies in large volume, at a stable speed and without traffic limitation. 18 countries and packages from 100 to 15,000 IP addresses. Only live support, no hidden services :)

[Image: Free test]   No KYC for customers 
[Image: More than 100 000 addresses]   More than 100 000 addresses in the IPv4 network 
[Image: Proxy pool with IP address binding]   Proxy pool with IP address binding 
[Image: Refund 24 hours]   Refund during 24 hours 
[Image: Buy proxy server]  
[Image: Big proxy packets]   Big proxy packets 
[Image: HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocols]   HTTP(S)/SOCKS 4/5 protocols 
[Image: Unlimited traffic]   Unlimited traffic 
[Image: Total privacy]   Total privacy 
[Image: Calculator]   Calculator
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Choose the region 
IP's in the package 
Region  USA 
Proxy in the package  1000 pcs. 
Period (days)  30 days 
Price per IP address  ~ 16₽ 
Package price:  16 250$ 
More info:
[Image: Automatic issuance]   Automatic issuance 
[Image: HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocols]   HTTP(S)/SOCKS 4/5 protocols 
[Image: Package for one person only]   Package for one person only 
[Image: Unlimited traffic]   Unlimited traffic 
[Image: Total privacy]   Total privacy 
[Image: Refund 24 hours]   Refund during 24 hours 
Region  USA 
Proxy in the package  1000 pcs. 
Period (days)  30 days 
Price per IP address  ~ 16₽ 
Renewal costs:  13 000₽ 
The cost of renewal is calculated from the second month of use, taking into account the 20% discount  
Package price:  16 250₽ 
More info:
[Image: Check]   Automatic issuance 
[Image: Check]   HTTP(S)/SOCKS 4/5 protocols 
[Image: Check]   Package for one person only 
[Image: Check]   Unlimited traffic 
[Image: Check]   Total privacy 
[Image: Check]   Refund during 24 hours 
Renewal costs:  13 000₽ 
The cost of renewal is calculated from the second month of use, taking into account the 20% discount  
[Image: About us]   About us
Only live technical support in tickets and online chat. No KYC for all customers, even after purchasing the service.

We provide quality, anonymous IPv4 proxies with support for HTTP(s), SOCKS 4/5. We have unlimited traffic on all packages and unlimited IP validity. Own servers in dozens of DCs around the world with channels from 10 to 80 Gbps. Proxy servers work only through authorization by the IP address of your device.

Every 8 days you have the opportunity to independently update the list of proxies in the purchased package for free. You can always test the service before purchase or request a refund within 24 hours after payment.

[Image: More info]   Several subnets in each proxy package 
[Image: More info]   Absolutely automatic process of payment and proxies issuance 
[Image: More info]   Proxy packages at wholesale prices for big projects 
[Image: More info]   Numerous variants of payment including cryptocurrency 
[Image: More info]   Just high-quality and totally private proxies 
[Image: More info]   Selling from 1 to 15 000 IP addresses 
[Image: Popular offers]   Popular offers
$  19 
per month 
[Image: Mark]   100 proxies with England IP 
[Image: Mark]   HTTP(S)/SOCKS 4/5 protocols 
[Image: Mark]   Package for one person only 
$  69 
per month 
[Image: Mark]   500 proxies with Europe IP 
[Image: Mark]   HTTP(S)/SOCKS 4/5 protocols 
[Image: Mark]   Package for one person only 
$  99 
per month 
[Image: Mark]   1 000 proxies with american IP 
[Image: Mark]   HTTP(S)/SOCKS 4/5 protocols 
[Image: Mark]   Package for one person only 
$  729 
per month 
[Image: Mark]   10 000 proxies, mix of countries 
[Image: Mark]   HTTP(S)/SOCKS 4/5 protocols 
[Image: Mark]   Package for one person only 
Use another service? We are ready to propose the best price/quality solution for you! 

[Image: Available regions]   Available regions
[Image: Payment]   Payment
[Image: VISA, MasterCard, UnionPay]  
VISA, MasterCard, UnionPay 
Direct payment by bank card.

[Image: Pay Bitcoin]  
Automatic payment and proxy issuance.

[Image: Pay USDT]  
Payment in USDT, DAI stablecoins.

[Image: Pay Ethereum]  
Automatic payment and proxy issuance.

[Image: Pay WMZ]  
WebMoney WMZ 
Payment from WebMoney wallet in WMZ.

[Image: Pay AliPay]  
Payment via AliPay.

In addition, we accept any cards, transfers from companies, PerfectMoney, and more than 150 types of cryptocurrencies, including coins with very low commissions, such as TRON, XRP, DOGE, etc.

[Image: Reviews]   Reviews
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I don't think you can find cheaper proxies than here. The server proxies I use do not cause any problems. Low price does not always mean bad quality. I recommend it. 
[Image: c]  
Previously used proxies from other sites. There were always crashes, bans or lags. I have not encountered any technical problems with proxies from this service. Everything is working in a stable way. 
[Image: f]  
I have been using proxies from this site for over 3 months. I have not registered any crashes or technical problems. Prices are adequate and customer support responds quickly. 
[Image: c]  
I always choose proxies based on their prices and stability. I am happy with everything here. I have not seen any problems. 
[Image: s]  
There were some problems with the proxy, I could not figure out the binding. I had to contact support to fix them. All the issues were resolved very quickly. I will give them a solid 10 for their speed. 
[Image: t]  
I have bought a whole batch of 100 proxies, but I have failed to use them correctly. I got nervous as I have considered them as invalid. I contacted technical support through Telegram and within a few minutes I received instructions on how to solve the problem. Thank you! 
[Image: e]  
The quality is fully consistent with the price. I need proxies for business, I haven't encountered timeouts yet. I have an inexpensive plan which is not the fastest, but it is good enough. 
[Image: j]  
Great literally everything. This is the only place where I have found cheap proxies that work great. The support is also on the level, responds very quickly. I am happy with everything. 
[Image: i]  
The variety and cheap packages that this site offers, I really like. Another plus is the very user-friendly interface, which is very intelligently and well structured. 
[Image: j]  
Inexpensive and good proxies that I am completely satisfied with. Quick support makes it possible to fix all problems very quickly. 
[Image: j]  
The proxies are reliable and fast. The quality of their support team is always online which makes it possible to solve problems really fast. I am very happy with the service. Thank you. 
[Image: d]  
I have been using this service for a long time and I am satisfied with the quality of its services. Servers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will hardly be able to find cheaper proxies in the market, so I recommend this particular service. 
[Image: a]  
I have been using this service for about half a year. I have no doubt proxies deserve nothing but good words. The prices are low and the quality is good. To my mind, it is a perfect combination. 
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What is the proxy server?  [Image: Close]  
In simple terms proxy is an intermediate unit between your computer and Internet web-sites. You connect to a proxy server and it sends requests to the web-sites you visit.

The web-site you visit does not see the IP address of your computer, the web-site sees the intermediate server. Due to this it starts to be difficult to calculate your real location. Also such a connection helps to visit sites that are blocked in certain countries, but are available in others. For example, your favorite streaming service is not available in your country, but it is available in Canada. Purchasing a Canadian proxy will give you full access to your favorite service or site. We provide inexpensive proxy packages of many countries.

Proxy server types?  [Image: Close]  
The proxy server type depends on protocol. Two main protocols are used today - HTTPS and SOCKS5. There are various variations of protocols names like "private", "highly private", "elite", etc., but in the end it all comes down to the different protocols for different proxies.

HTTPS – is a secure protocol that allows connection to most Internet resources. All transmitted traffic is encrypted, the algorithm is resistant to hacking. However the fact of proxy presence is visible to the final Internet resource. HTTPS works simpler than SOCKS, that is why it is a great option for all sorts of parsers or web surfing.

SOCKS5 is a more advanced and newer type of protocol. It is based on a tunneling method through a firewall, and in this configuration, even the proxy server itself cannot intercept the data. It can be called "highly private" or "elite". The only problem is that not every software can work with this protocol type.

We provide high quality proxies that use both protocols. In the site control panel you can easily switch between protocols. If your software does not work with SOCKS5 the only thing you need is to change to HTTPS. You do not need to change the purchased package. Proxy rent is available during 30 days and can be extended unlimitedly.

What does the proxy look like?  [Image: Close]  
Typically proxy is provided in the format login:pass@ip:port. For example "Your_login:[email protected]:8080". After renting our proxy servers you can change the output format to any convenient one for you and upload the list in the format your software supports.

What does a proxy do?  [Image: Close]  
In simple terms proxy provides confidentiality of your Internet activity. So the web-sites do not know who exactly visits them. Also proxies are used to speed up the data collection (in the multi-threaded mode) or for the blocked resources visit in a particular country. Everything depends on your tasks. We provide proxies suitable for any activities, except illegal ones. The main thing is that the proxies are fast :) You can contact our support group to understand if our services are suitable for your task.

How to choose a certain proxy?  [Image: Close]  
Above we’ve already analyzed the proxy types, so you need to know the protocol applicable for your software. All modern solutions support HTTPS proxies, the most advanced support SOCKS5.

Even if your software does not support a certain protocol, you can always immediately switch between protocols in your personal account. For large projects, we recommend SOCKS5 to hide the very fact of an intermediate server presence. For ordinary Internet surfing with the PC an HTTPS proxy is enough. Try to avoid using HTTP (without the S prefix) as your connection will be unencrypted. Our store provides proxies of all popular protocols - HTTPS, SOCKS 4, SOCKS 5.

[Image: proxies are forbidden for]   Our proxies are forbidden for: 
[Image: forbidden]   Malware distribution 
[Image: forbidden]   Brut 
[Image: forbidden]   Hacking 
[Image: forbidden]   Carding 
[Image: forbidden]   Etc 
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[Image: Logo in the footer]  
[Image: Telegram tech support]   @papaproxy 
Have a question? Contact us: 
[Image: Send us an email]   [email protected] 
We accept payment by: 
[Image: Payment by Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay]   [Image: Bitcoin payment available]   [Image: Payment in USDT TRC20]  
[Image: Payment in Ethereum]   [Image: Payment in Litecoin]   [Image: Payment in Dogecoin]  
[Image: Paying with WMZ]   [Image: Payment via PerfectMoney]   [Image: Payment via AliPay]  
Over 150 types of cryptocurrencies for payment, including coins with very low commissions, such as TRON, XRP, DOGE, etc. 
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