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Reclaim your confidence and embrace your beautiful selfWe are a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals dedicated to providing the highest quality aesthetic treatments to enhance your natural beauty.  
[Image: Weight loss]  
Medical Weight loss
Physician directed comprehensive weight loss services.

[Image: CoolSculpting]  
Reduce the appearance of stubborn fat from the belly & love handles.

[Image: Erectile dysfunction]  
Erectile dysfunction
We provide discreet and effective treatments with lasting results.

[Image: Hormone replacement]  
Hormone replacement
Restore vitality, and reclaim a more energized and harmonious life.

[Image: Fillers]  
Fillers & Injectables
Rebuild volume loss in your cheeks & plump up your lips.

[Image: Hydrafacial]  
Exfoliate and Hydrate With the Newest Microdermabrasion.

[Image: Skin Care]  
Skin Care
Improve your skin by treating & reducing the appearance of Rosacea & Age Spots.

[Image: Botox]  
Erase wrinkles from your forehead & around your eyes.

[Image: IV Vitamin Therapy]  
IV Vitamin Therapy
Boost your energy & optimize your health.

[Image: Hair restoration]  
Hair restoration
Experience a fuller, thicker hair with PRP hair restoration.

[Image: Morpheus8]  
Get a youthful appearance with Morpheus8 facial treatment.

[Image: Laser Hair Removal]  
Laser Hair Removal
Free yourself from shaving & waxing your face and body.

[Image: Nshape Medspa]  
Why Choose US !
At Nshape Center. We stand firmly on the core values of professionalism, honesty, and integrity and are committed to providing you with a rewarding and fulfilling experience every time you visit us. We understand that no one-size approach fits all when it comes to health and beauty. Our trained and compassionate staff have the expertise to provide personalized treatment plans that guarantee 100 percent satisfaction.  




  • [Image: Client]  
     Highly recommend! The team's professionalism and tailored approach made all the difference.
    Alex H. 
  • [Image: referral 8]  
     Incredible results! I regained my confidence and vitality. Thank you for the life-changing support! 💪🏽
    Anthony Zack. 
Contact Us
Nshape Medspa Brownstown Business Center 15 S. State St, Suite# 102, Brownstown PA 17508

+1 484 334 5590
Monday - Friday 3:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Saturday - Sunday 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM





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