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Easy Reader
Read & Text to Speech without distractions

Read & Text to Speech from URL (paste url and go)

What is Easy Reader?
Easy Reader is a platform where you can translate news or articles to voice audio. Easy Reader does the uses Artificial Intelligence for the creation of audio that sounds very human, and very well understood. Also, Easy Reader can do the translate news and articles to audio for the top spoken language into the web so you will always have voice audios available for your language, also you can choose different accents depending on the idioms. Just put some article or news into the URL box and it will generate the audio from the text for you, and while the text to speech robot read the information you will be able to follow the article.

Our mission.
Our mission with Easy Reader is to make reliable news sources even close to the mainstream public because sometimes people aren't checking the sources of content because for several reasons as the text form of content is no longer required to follow information, and we feel that sometimes this makes misinformation more attractive because of the currently used channels. So Easy Reader feels that information should be available in more than one sensory channel just because it makes the reliable sources more attractive form being used, as usually reliable sources appear in the text form.

How we help our users?
With Easy Reader, you can be helped in several forms. You may have vision problems and need lots of time to read an article or some news, may in some time of the day you have tired eyes, but you want to read something to be informed, may you be a journalist or a writer and you need to read lots of content every day to produce your own, or you are just a regular person who wants to be informed easily.

What you should expect with this platform.
With Easy Reader you should expect a very easy-to-use and day-to-day platform. Easy Reader did come as a free way to voice the articles and news. We always will help you to read your news or articles and we are always doing the best in terms of improvements with that in mind.

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