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July 9, 2023 How Much Is A Divorce Attorney Retainer?
Divorce attorneys typically request an upfront fee known as a retainer fee to cover their work on your case and cover related expenses. This money…

Kelvin D Jones
July 8, 2023 When Can A Defense Attorney Legally Break Confidentiality?
Defense attorneys must respect client confidentiality at all times; however, some situations require them to break this rule. Under this exception, lawyers may disclose confidential…

Kelvin D Jones
July 7, 2023 How Much Do Lemon Law Attorneys Make?
discovering that you purchased a lemon can be disillusioning. After all, your car should function reliably as expected and provide reliable transportation services. Many buyers…

Kelvin D Jones
July 7, 2023 Do Tax Attorneys Really Help?
The IRS can be very intimidating, and they won’t hesitate to use all available means to collect what they owe from you – including garnishing…

Kelvin D Jones
July 5, 2023 How Much Do Personal Injury Attorneys Charge?
Personal injury attorneys typically charge approximately 1/3 of the final settlement or award as their fee, however there may be expenses advanced by law firms…

Kelvin D Jones
July 5, 2023 How To Become An Attorney Online
Attorneys are highly-skilled specialists in legal matters. After four years earning their undergraduate degree and three years obtaining their Juris Doctorate, attorneys take an exam…

Kelvin D Jones
July 3, 2023 Can I Sue My Divorce Attorney For Errors Made During the Case?
Divorce can be an intricate legal battle. Errors often occur, which may have lasting repercussions that have an enormous effect on life. Attorneys may make…

Kelvin D Jones
July 3, 2023 Should I Hire An Attorney For Workers Compensation?
If you have been injured at work, consulting with a workers’ compensation lawyer may be of benefit to you. Consultations is generally free. Insurance companies…

Kelvin D Jones
July 2, 2023 How Does An Attorney Trust Account Work?
State bar guidelines mandate that, when clients or third parties present your office with checks for pre-paid funds, you deposit it in an interest-bearing attorney…

Kelvin D Jones
July 1, 2023 How Much Do Foreclosure Attorneys Charge?
An attorney specialized in foreclosure defense may be an invaluable ally when fighting to keep your home. But you may be wondering about their fees….

Kelvin D Jones
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