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Welcome to the portal for the game Minecraft PE
Here you will find new and most interesting content dedicated to the popular Minecraft game. Here you can read various news about game updates, download mods, maps, choose a beautiful skin or check the latest version of Minecraft PE to get the latest information. In the section guides various articles with useful information are collected. In the category Updates MCPE you can find and read a detailed description of each update of the game.

[Image: Minecraft 1.19]  
Minecraft 1.19
The huge Minecraft 1.19 update will be released in 2022 and will bring a lot of new content to the game, detailed information is collected here…

  09 Aug 2022       1 064 081   
[Image: Minecraft]  
In Minecraft, bugs were fixed and changes were made for the Viewer mode, now music does not need to be downloaded separately on Android…

  18 Aug 2022       3 036   
[Image: The latest version of Minecraft]  
The latest version of Minecraft
On this page you can always find out the current and latest version of Minecraft on Android thanks to the list of all versions of the game.

  17 Aug 2022       71 517   
[Image: Mythical Biomes]  
Mythical Biomes
The Mythical Biomes mod will add several new mythical biomes to Minecraft. You will meet new mobs and be able to get new blocks…

  17 Aug 2022       1 091   
[Image: Mod: Healing Campfire]  
Mod: Healing Campfire
With the Healing Campfire mod, you can create new useful healing campfire that allow you to heal your health!…

  17 Aug 2022       5 704   
[Image: Minecraft]  
In the new beta version of Minecraft, keyboard shortcut support has been added, Spectator Mode has been improved, bugs have been fixed…

  10 Aug 2022       8 102   
[Image: Minecraft]  
Minecraft 1.19.20 release on Android: many bugs have been fixed, changes have been made, including for parity with Java Edition…

  09 Aug 2022       48 810   
[Image: Mod: Mob Hider]  
Mod: Mob Hider
Mob Hider mod will allow you to transform into any mob or monster in Minecraft, so you can disguise yourself…

  08 Aug 2022       186 665   
[Image: Mod: InSaRe's Warfare]  
Mod: InSaRe's Warfare
InSaRe's Warfare mod will add a variety of weapon guns, rifles, grenades and pistols to Minecraft with detailed models and animations…

  08 Aug 2022       156 800   
[Image: Minecraft]  
The new beta version of Minecraft fixes a number of bugs, makes changes, improves the Spectator mode…

  04 Aug 2022       11 885   
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