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  • Together we explore Innate
    Functioning supporting Awakening  
  • Pia is an Awakened Spiritual teacher
    Unique within her Awakened Presence 
Together we explore Innate Functioning supporting Awakening
The Gift within taking the time out for Oneself, bringing your attention into Awareness Presence-residing in Presence, silent sittings, meditations and or within the setting of satsangs-intensives-retreats is we give Space for our energy to naturally harmonise through deep connection. Without effort-surrendering we can allow what no longer serves to bubble up and Sacredly wash away. This leaves us with fresh Spaciousness to be with our Real-self. We celebrate the ever expanding Spaciousness within us.

What others say about Pia Ma
[Image: Tanmaya2]  
“I felt held in deep love and so was able with her guidance to travel into and allow old unseen patterns held deep in the unconscious to unravel and be cleared.”

[Image: Rosemary Beaumont]  
Rosemary Beaumont
“Pia brings the gift of an expanded and grounded consciousness in her fine tuned healing for individuals and groups.”

[Image: sijbrand-testimonials]  
Sijbrand Maal
"Pia's pure love mercilessly exposes all that can't excist. With grace she guides you through the burning of the untrue so that we effortlessly meet in that what remains."

[Image: Leaaa]  
Lea Collins
"When I think of the times I've spent in meeting with Pia I smile & reconnect with that sense of calm. What more can I say other than extend the invitation to anyone who is interested."

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