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We Love CBD
Love CBD is a family-run business based outside of Cambridge in the UK.

We have been manufacturing a high-quality, uniquely formulated range of cannabinoid-rich CBD products since 2014.

Our Love CBD oils and CBD capsules contain full spectrum CBD extracts, with high concentrations of cannabis terpenes and other beneficial plant compounds.

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Best CBD Oil
We believe that we make both the best CBD capsules and best CBD oil in the UK.

However, we don’t expect you to take our word for it, and offer a £5 sample pack, so you can make up your own mind.

We are confident that our 5000+ customers who have left an average score of 4.9/5 on Trustpilot, would agree with us.

Some of our other products
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CBD Patches  
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CBD Balm  

New Love CBD Product
High Strength CBD Patches Our CBD Patches are a convenient and alternative way to experience the benefits of CBD. They are easy to apply and remove, and have a discrete semi-transparent skin tone look. Each patch contains a broad-spectrum cannabis extract with 45mg of CBD per patch. Other ingredients include, turmeric root, pomegranate oil and green tea. Our patches are designed for long-lasting relief, remaining effective for up to 24 hours. This means you can enjoy sustained support throughout the day and night time. CBD patches are a great solution for anyone that want an easy to dose, convenient CBD product that they can apply and forget about.

Our Story
Since 2014, Love CBD has been manufacturing and selling a unique range of high quality, non intoxicating CBD products .

We are considered to be pioneers of the UK CBD industry, and have been involved with all the most significant CBD industry developments.

We are a family run business with a passion for the hemp plant, and a desire to produce products that change people’s lives for the better.

Loved by everyone
Rated as ‘excellent’ by our customers.

"The best CBD product I have ever tried." 
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The best CBD product I have ever tried, is amazing when I am anxious or overwhelmed. Quick delivery.
Caroline Heath 
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Reliable, responsive company selling great products with a generous points scheme.
Anthony Gemmill 
"Really great products..." 
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Really great products and the very best and helpful organisation that I have dealt with for several years. Without hesitation I highly recommend LoveCBD.
"Excellent choice of products." 
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Excellent choice of products - all competitively priced. Have been using this company for years and they have always been excellent to deal with.
The Cannabis Food Supplement Company

Established in 2014

Insights and articles written by the Love CBD Team

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CBD Oil for Dogs
CBD Oil for Dogs products have increased in recent years due to their potential health benefits for humans and our furry friends. As pet owners

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[Image: CBD oil benefits]  
CBD Blog
CBD Oil Benefits
CBD Oil Benefits CBD (cannabidiol) oil has become increasingly popular and almost mainstream since Love CBD began manufacturing CBD products in 2014.  This article will

Here are a few questions that we get asked. If you have any others, please contact our friendly Love CBD customer service team .

Is CBD Legal in the UK
Yes! Love CBD products are derived from legal and approved strains of Cannabis Sativa L, also known as Hemp. CBD products  are legal to buy in the UK provided that they contain no more than 1mg of controlled substances (THC, CBN, THCV).

You can always trust Love CBD to sell only the most trustworthy and legitimate CBD products that comply with the law.

Does CBD get you high?
No, CBD can’t get you high.

Our Gold Range of CBD Oils  has no THC and a milder taste (ideal for people concerned about drug tests, such as Athletes, Police Officers, Armed Forces etc).

All of the CBD products have been independently tested for acceptable levels of THC.  You can trust they are of the highest quality and won’t have any ‘high’ effect.  Please see our lab results  for more information.

What are the Love CBD Oils?
Love CBD Oils are our uniquely formulated and carefully crafted range of CBD oil products.

The Love CBD oils have undergone 10 years of development and they are in our opinion the finest  CBD oils  in the UK. 
Our Love CBD oils are available in three distinctive ranges, Entourage, Dutch and Gold range of CBD oils.  
The Love CBD oils are made using both full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD extracts. The stronger Love CBD oils, such as the Entourage CBD oils  have a broader range of cannabinoids present within their lab reports , as a result of being less diluted with the carrier oil. This is necessary for the Love CBD oils to remain legally compliant.
All of our Love CBD oils are supplied with droppers because they are easier to dose and far more convenient to use than droppers. 
Can I use CBD oil for pain?
We are not allowed to offer medical advice, and currently, there are no approved claims as to whether CBD helps to relieve pain. However, our CBD Balm  can be used in conjunction with massage therapy, which is absolutely shown to help support certain pain conditions.  Here is a useful blog – Is Topical CBD the answer to soothing achy muscles .

Can I use CBD oil for anxiety?
We advise consulting with your doctor before trying CBD oil  to ensure that you are safe to do so.   In the meantime, check out our blog about CBD Oil benefits .

Can I take CBD oil to help me sleep?
Despite many reports on the use of CBD oil  for sleep, we are not permitted to make claims about the benefits of CBD and sleep.  However, our Love CBD Hemp Tea  contains chamomile, which is proven to aid both relaxation and sleep. It is also free from caffeine and a great bedtime drink.

Love Hemp
Love CBD are in no way connected to Love Hemp. Love CBD began trading in 2014, which is a year earlier than Love Hemp. However, we do love selling Hemp Products .

Mums Love CBD
Love CBD are in no way affiliated with Mums Love CBD.  Our CBD products are open and targeted to everyone. 

Can you drive on CBD
CBD is a non intoxicating cannabinoid. Therefore, there is no reason why you cannot drive when taking CBD oil .

Does CBD make you hungry
Unlike THC, which can give you the ‘munchies’, CBD doesn’t stimulate your appetite.

Does CBD show up on drugs tests
CBD is not a controlled or banned substance, and there would therefore be no reason to test anyone for it.

Rated as ‘excellent’ by our customers
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Love CBD Health LTD was registered in England with company number: 12776578 | VAT: GB354786754. Love CBD Health Ltd, 2 Lucas Close, Burwell, CB25 0FN

Love CBD Health LTD does not sell any products that violate the United Kingdom Misuse of Drugs Act 1971.

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