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Learn Spanish with Intensive Courses in Granada 
Welcome to our family-run Spanish school in the centre of the beautiful city of Granada.

La Escuelita has been built with a lot of thought and passion for teaching. We believe Granada is the perfect place to learn Spanish and we are confident we have the best teacher in town. Being born and raised in Granada, Cristina is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to the history and quirks of the city, as well as having an unrivalled background of teaching experience.

With your advancement in our heart, we work with only small class groups. We want students to learn at their own pace in an encouraging and friendly environment. As an independent business we believe that we offer a personal touch that makes all the difference when it comes to your learning experience.

We think learning Spanish in Spain is the best way to advance in a short amount of time and stay motivated. This is a tried and tested method which our very own Dean can attest to with having arrived to Spain with almost zero Spanish and now is fully integrated into Spanish life having learned with an Intensive course.

Please read on throughout our page and if you think that we are a good fit for you feel free to Enquire about our intensive Spanish courses or evening classes.

Meet the Family

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    For many years Cristina was the lecturer for B.A. Spanish at the University of Lancaster in the UK. She has also taught at high schools and adult colleges in her 30-year career. Her students describe her as a passionate, warm and encouraging teacher. Her friendly nature and sense of humour will have you feeling comfortable to ask questions, make mistakes and have a giggle!

  • [Image: Spanish Intensive Course ]  
    Louisa knew early on her mum was a popular much-loved teacher. At the end of term cards and flowers would arrive at the house, and former students would stop Cristina in the street for a quick hug and catch up- even years later. This is a big reason why Louisa wanted to create La Escuelita in Granada.

  • [Image: Spanish Intensive Course ]  
    Dean is a proud Scotsman who started his Spanish learning experience in Granada through an intensive course. La Escuelita has been built with his experience in mind and assessing what works best. Dean now lives in Madrid, but he loved Granada as a place to start his new life and La Escuelita is just another good reason to return to this magical city! He spoke no Spanish when he arrived and now has Spanish friends, family and colleagues he can actually talk to!


  • MARY (UK)
    I have learnt so much in a short period of time! Cristina has a very person centred approach to her teaching, she gauges your level of ability and then structures the teaching to suit your individual needs. She is an excellent, enthusiastic teacher with well planned lessons and she uses a diverse range of teaching methods. It really helped when giving examples that she could use her very comprehensive knowledge of both English and Spanish grammar.

    She is patient, explaining grammar very well and all the other little facts that comes with learning a new language. There is enough space for your own input and it is really convenient that she speaks good English. In addition she is from Granada and knows a lot about this beautiful city. I would definitely recommend her to anyone.

    Cristina is a wonderful teacher, who really personalizes her lessons specific to your needs. She is focused on teaching you how to communicate what matters most to you. She has a ton of experience, and is a fantastic teacher for everyone, from beginner (as her English is also fantastic) to advanced. I recommend her any chance I have!

    I have several experiences of learning Spanish in different places, and she is the best teacher I've ever had. She always tries to find out my needs and prepares her classes with different materials. In the classes she also tells me about Spanish culture and history related with the language. She is amazing not only because her long experience makes quality classes, but also because she really loves teaching. I'm lucky to have her!

    Cristina is an amazing teacher. With an understanding of both English and Spanish she is able to explain Spanish in a simple and easy to understand way. 10 Classes with Cristina and I feel that my understanding of Spanish doubled, and with a little practice my speaking soon followed!

At La Escuelita we offer a range of different courses, which are all aimed to give you the experience that you are after.

We offer the full 20 hour per week intensive course which is for students looking to pack in as much Spanish learning as possible into a short window.  This course will serve you well if you are planning a short stay and looking to advance at a rapid pace.

We also run a 10 hour per week course which again is aimed at providing the student with an intensive learning environment to advance rapidly but will leave the student with a little more free time in the week to explore the city and area. This is a good option for people looking to stay a little longer in the city and study less hours per day but still advance at a nice pace.

Our after work club meets 2-3 times per week and is best suited to Granada residents.  This club was created for people living permanently, semi permanently or on an extended basis in/around the city of Granada to give an opportunity to learn and improve on their Spanish on a more long-term basis. If you are a beginner, we advise you start with an intensive or semi-intensive course and then move on to the after-work club to sustain and improve your Spanish.

Private options are also available on a limited basis.  Our recommendation would be to blend private lessons with group classes if you are interested in the private route.  With private lessons you have the benefit of the class being 100% tailored to you and the areas you are looking to improve on.  When blended with group classes you get the benefit of learning details from other students which may have not occurred to you before as well as having partners to practice speaking with.

Please Click Here  for more details on our offerings.

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Calle Natalio Rivas, 1, 2ºB Izquierda, Granada

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