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Beach Day Essentials for a Summer-Ready Baby
Posted in Health  By editor  Posted on November 13, 2018 Tagged baby swimwear 
Who says babies can’t enjoy the beach? We might think that taking our baby with us into the beach seems a bad idea. We could only imagine the horror when they start to get uncomfortable and squirmy while everyone is having fun under the sun. However, there are ways to avoid this worst scenario to happen and make your little one enjoy the family beach trip at ease. If you’re curious, read along to learn more.

Summer Tote
Nothing beats the usability of tote bags, especially on the beach. Summer totes are big bags that keep all of those beach essentials organized and easy to locate. You can choose one with bright colors or summer themed prints to match the mood.

Never forget to apply a sunscreen lotion to your baby’s skin before they go out and play in the beach. Choose natural or organic products that contain high SPF for more UV protection. Make sure to apply all over your baby’s body for total sun protection.

A good quality swimwear protects your baby as she plays around in the water. There are lots of options for baby swimwear such as the classic swimsuit and a rash guard. Some special swimsuits are equipped with SPF to protect your baby’s skin from the harsh UV rays.

Swim Diapers
For smaller babies, you will need a snug fitting swim diaper to catch solid waste just in case they poop in the water.

Hooded Towel
Wipe your baby dry with ease with a hooded towel. You can put on the hood on baby’s head and wipe all over without worries of the towel falling off.

Wet Bag
You could really use one of these to store wet clothes and towels from the dry ones. It also keeps moisture to prevent messy travels back home.

Portable Mattress/Crib
Babies usually take a nap at certain times of the day. Make his beach nap comfortable by taking along a foldable crib, bed, or mattress and see your little one wake up fully energized and ready for fun again. Don’t forget to take your child’s sleep comfort item when going out on trips.

Beach Toys
Let your baby take some time off the water and enjoy in the sand with a few toys. You can take a beach ball, and shapers, or a little bucket and shovel set to scoop and carry some sand and seashells along.

Dry Clothes
Never forget to bring an extra change of clothes as babies tend to mess their clothing a lot. You can have a summer dress or a sleeveless top and shorts set for picture-perfect moments. Bring also warm and cozy clothes such as a shirt and pajamas to make them more comfortable on the way home.

Favorite Eating/Drinking Utensils
If your child is particular on using a certain spoon, fork or plate when eating, take all of those on the trip. This helps your baby feel like at home during mealtime and makes feeding less of a struggle. Take his favorite glass or sippy cup to make sure he drinks a lot of water.

Baby Powder
Want to learn a super easy beach hack? It’s hard to remove sand on baby’s skin without water. For hassle-free cleanup, just sprinkle baby powder all over your baby’s body and tada – say goodbye to sand!

These are just the usual beach essentials for babies. Don’t hesitate to add anything you think you might need during your trip because nothing beats a well-prepared mom.

Beach Day Essentials for a Summer-Ready Baby 
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