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Fashionable living
Live a fashionable life

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Want to Buy New Towels? Here Are The few Guidelines How to Choose Them
Towels, which are particularly used in the bathroom, are something that you use multiple times a day. Yet, you probably don’t give them all that much importance when it is time for you to buy a new one. As these clothes have both aesthetic and 

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How to Add Curb Appeal to Your sweet Home
.It is quite obvious that most people will see the outside view of your home, your driveway, and your gate than the interior at first. Therefore, it does not matter if the inside is a little messy. The exterior, however, needs to be kept in 

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Tips for Showcasing Towels in the Guest Bathroom
Your guest bathroom is more than the functional one; it is also a great way to exercise your creativity and doing something eye-catching style. People often come up with plenty of ideas for most of the components for this room. In one aspect, however, many 

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Baby Gift Shopping: Things to Keep in Mind
Buying baby clothes isn’t as simple as it sounds. Although it may be tricky, it can be made easy. There are many factors to keep in consideration if you want the little ones to enjoy the gift as much as you think they will. If 

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How To Travel Comfortably During Your Pregnancy
If you are the mother of a small baby, you might face a lot of challenges every day. But if you have more than one child then the challenges multiply along with the necessity to take care of your family responsibilities and maintain your home 

by Staff Member  
How to Choose the Right Footwear for Work
Finding the best work shoes can be a little difficult than expected. Your everyday shopping trip would include finding something that you like, trying them on and buying it if it fits right. But workplace dress code does not allow you to wear whatever you want. So how do you buy something that is aligning with the dress code, but also is stylish and comfortable? Here are some tips that can help you.

Consider your Work Environment
Firstly, where do you work? If your dress code is the typical nine to five office job with business casual or business formal, then your shoes are generally pumps. High heels are often the option that most women go for. But make sure your shoes are comfortable work shoes instead of trying to wear pairs that are either too high or too pointy. Avoid peep-toe shoes for formal offices. Instead, opt for a pair that isclosed toed. Instead, choose a comfortably high heel.

For less formal places of course you can experiment a little with the dress code. But make sure you are not choosing casual sandals or flip flops. Instead keep it semi casual with covered shoes such as ballet flats, a dressier pair of sneakers or boots.

[Image: comfortable work shoes]  Image Source: Pexels

Medical Conditions
If you have any common foot problems, then you need to take that condition into consideration. For example, those who have flat feet need footwear that offers a supportive arch. If you have high arches, then look for footwear that has extra shock absorption.

Wide toed foot wear made of soft and flexible material are the best option for those who have bunions. This kind of foot wear also need a little bit of research when shopping. If your everyday retail store does not have these options, you can look for stores that sell inclusive footwear including for those with medical conditions and disabilities.

Comfort over Trend
Always give prominence to comfort over trendy shoes. You might find some trendy pointy heels on display, but they do not give the best feeling when you wear them for longer periods of time. Wedges and platform shoes are also better avoided. While these are stylish and fashionable and some workplaces with less strict dress code, do allow them, they are not the best if for busy settings.

Similarly, if your work requires you to walk often, you need to choose durable so that they won’t wear off soon. But you will also need to have shoes that provide a good cushioning and support to avoid blisters.

Try On and Walk
Try the footwear you want to buy, walk a few steps in them and see how your feet feel. The right design is important when you look for good shoes. Shoes that are breathable and supportive are the best. Remember you are looking foot wear for workplace.

This means you are looking for footwear that can get you to work on time and ones that you can keep on wearing for longer periods of time. So, if there is even a slight discomfort, look for a different option. It might be a small issue but it can get unbearable when you have to wear them for right hours.

Be smart about your shopping. Especially when you are looking for shoes for work, you are not just making a fashion statement, but also shoes that will not affect your performance.

by Staff Member  
A Pocketful of Healthy Office Snack Ideas
Having a healthy snack during your workdays is a better choice than simply any other snack. The nutrition present in such snacks can help restore and revitalize your energy through the day. Here are some of the simple and best go-to healthy snack choices you 

by Staff Member  
Reasons Why Organic Skincare Is Best for You
Taking care of our skin is one way of maintaining our self-image. People who have beautiful glowing skin tend to be more confident in everything they do especially when dealing with other people. Aside from regular cleansing, almost everyone is following a set skincare routine 

by admin  
Reasons Why You Should Use Memory Foam in Your Bed
Sleep quality is important to stay healthy and get adequate rest that we need for the next day. Although some people find it easy to sleep well at night, there are others who need to exert more effort just to get that quality sleep they need. There are many factors that affect the quality of our sleep – from the type of bed, bedroom lighting, sleep routine, and many more.

One of the basic factors is the type of mattress used in the bed. Different mattresses provide different levels of comfort, depending on the material. According to many people, they’ve starter sleeping better since they switched to more comfortable mattress made from memory foam. If you’re feeling curious, here are some of the reasons why more and more people use memory foam for their mattress.

Perfect for Any Sleeping Position
Whether you’re a back, side or tummy sleeper, a memory foam can provide support on all those pressure points. Memory foam mattress is made from resilient material, making it versatile in accommodating any kind of pressure pattern as you sleep. It also conforms to your body shape as you toss and turn during your sleep, making it more comfortable than other mattresses.

[Image: memory foam mattress]  Image Source: Unsplash

Lasts Longer
One of the best features of a memory foam is that it doesn’t have springs that would wear out after some time. Thus, compared to spring mattresses, memory foam relatively lasts longer and could even reach up to 20 years if it is properly taken care of. Memory foam mattresses are also made from durable and resilient material that keep its shape and doesn’t sag even after many uses. After sleeping on it, it will then slowly bounce back to its original shape unlike other mattresses which develops some pressure spots on areas where you usually lie down.

Effectively Reduces Pain
People who suffer from arthritis and other body pain problems find memory foam better than any other mattress type. It has a firm outer layer that provides great support on pressure points such as the lower back, joints, and other parts. It also follows the curves of your body so there is lesser pressure on these parts. You can sleep more comfortably and wake up without those body aches caused by your sleeping position.

Another great advantage of memory foam is its hypoallergenic properties. Since memory foam has a densely packed structure, allergens such as mildew, dust mites, mould and dust can’t penetrate its surface easily. Many people find it hard to get a good night’s sleep especially if its allergy season because of the annoying symptoms such as sneezing and itching. However, with memory foam you can be sure that there are lesser allergens around you as you sleep soundly at night.

Switching to memory foam for your mattress is a great investment you could make for your health. Experience a more comfortable bed and better sleep quality with the help of memory foam mattresses.

by Staff Member  
Ways to Keep Yourself Warm in Winter
Warmth is an essential need for humans and with winter approaching you have to be prepared for the weather and keep yourself cosy. The downside of turning the radiator heat high is the expensive bill that comes with it. Listed below are few ways you 

by Staff Member  
Making A Fashion Statement No Matter the Occasion
When it comes to fashion, it is something that is not easily grasped by many. For some, it comes naturally, for others it is a learnt skill while for others, it is a skill that completely alludes them. This is not exclusive to rich or 

by Staff Member  
Essential Things All Great Bedrooms Have in Common
When it comes to decorating your home, the bedroom is possibly the first thing that comes to your mind. The reason is, the bedroom is where you enjoy your personal space – away from the strains of the world. Moreover, it is where you can have your intimate moments.

Which is why, if you want to add zing to your bedroom, do it in a heartbeat. However, it can be a struggle if you do not know where to exactly start. The bedroom is your sleeping quarter so it has to be neat, homey, and functional. If you are a new homeowner who do not have any idea how to improve his or her bedroom, here is the list of bedroom essentials you need to have.

A Chest of Drawers
A chest of drawers is one of the furniture pieces you may want to have in your bedroom. Use it to store your valuables that do not fit your closet anymore. Choose one that match your overall bedroom design.

We spend roughly a third of our lives in our beds. Therefore, make it as comfortable as possible. Create a layered bedding to achieve a warm bedroom space. Buy bed linen Australia has online and brick-and-mortar stores that you can shop for quality bed linens. Prefer a crisp white bed linen that looks classic and clean. Add a pop of colour by including colourful throw pillows.

[Image: bed linen australia]  Image Source: Unsplash

Floating Bookshelves
If you are book collector, it is necessary to install a set of floating bookshelves in your bedroom. It will surely keep your books organized. Not only that, they can be a wall art, too.

Blackout Curtains
Blackout curtains are a powerful way to block out the sunlight especially when you are not a morning person. They can make your room warmer as well. When the curtains are closed, it will feel like it is midnight.

Indoor Plants
Add indoor plants in your bedroom as it offers an array of benefits. They do not only have the power to make your bedroom look visually beautiful, but purify the indoor air, too. Go for potted plants as they are very nice to look at.

Essential Oils
Essential oils will definitely make your bedroom a retreat that you do not have to go to a spa anymore. Choose scents that can contribute to a relaxing sleep.

Accent Rug
An accent rug looks non-essential but it can do wonders for your bedroom. It looks pretty and can be of help in keeping your feet warm. Also, it can help conceal the imperfections on your floor.

Storage Ottoman
Shop for a storage ottoman that can help you stash your extra bed blankets and linens. When it comes to storage ottoman material, be sure to have the faux-leather. Also, see to it that it is sturdy so you can sit on it.

Full-sized Mirror
Have a full-sized mirror so you can see how your whole get-up looks from head to toe. It comes in different price points which only means you will find one that perfectly suits your budget.

Of course, you need to have ample lighting for your bedroom, too.

by Staff Member  
Bring the 5-Star Hotel Vibes into Your Bedroom with These Decorating Tips
The bedroom is considered as a private sanctuary. It is where we rest at night, feeling safe and secure in our home. Some people might think that decorating the bedroom is not that important since other people won’t see it anyway. However, bedroom décor actually 

by Staff Member  
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