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Getting ready to welcome your baby into the world? Here are some things to know!

Stay Cozy And Comfortable
It is important to stayrelaxed and calm before the delivery date. You can start the day with a delicious breakfast in bed. You can move on to watching Netflix, reading magazines and catching up on celebrity gossip or playing a boardgame with your partner. You can also try out dinners, lunches and relish the freedom and get some sleep while you can.

Get Ready For The Baby
Remember to gather necessary baby clothes, toys ,strollers for the new member to the family. Do several rounds of shopping around the city. You can try out popular brands like Bugaboo bee products as well. And just because you are welcominga new member to the family does not mean everything has to about the baby alone. You can do some pre-baby shopping for yourself as well. You can get yourself something that would make you feel good; perhaps cosmetics, accessories or bags.

[Image: Bugaboo bee]  Image Source:Pexels Try Out Something Classy
Gather up the girls and arrange a girls’ day out. You can do something classy with the girls like visiting a nearby art gallery or even taking a belly dance class! Staying active is quite important prior to the delivery. It will make the entire process much easier. You can also look into arranging a movie night with the gals with food and lots of gossip. Do not isolate yourself during this time. Hanging out with the girls will help you feel good about yourself and forget about all the annoying cramps, discomfort and other physical and mental problems you are going through during the pregnancy.

Create a Flip Book for the Pregnancy
Take snaps of all the important moments in your pregnancy. You can record all the important moments of the journey with your partner and print these pictures out. Starta pregnancy flip book. Add a description about the special moments of the pregnancy in the flip book as well. This will help you keep busy and cherish the fun and exciting moments during the pregnancy.

Enjoy Your Favourite Music
You will have quite a prolonged stretch of itsy bitsy spider and other nursery songs coming up, so, while you have the time, make sure to enjoy as much music of your kind as possible. There is nothing wrong with going to a concert with your friends and maybe your partner. The best part is that you get to share your music preferences with your unborn baby too!

Make Things Interesting
Although the popular notion is that going through a pregnancy is quite difficult, you can still have fun. Do not consider any part of your pregnancy as a burden. There is a tendency that you might even share that negativity with your unborn baby. Always take some time to sit down and have a few laughs with your partner and friends. You can cherish these nine months and enjoy them as much as you can before your family doubles in size.

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