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Things you Need to Check Before Buying Expired Domains
Posted on  May 13, 2022   By  SEO Self Help   on Things you Need to Check Before Buying Expired Domains   
In the domain flipping business, you may notice many beginners.


Because this is very straightforward to try and do business. instead of building the backlinks for your new blogs, you’ll be able to use the expiring domains and build a solid website around them.

Today I was crawling in an SEO related Facebook Group and saw many folks providing high DA/PA domains and plenty of people were interested to buy expired domains.

You can use expired domains to create a solid backlink profile for your money website. Otherwise, you can sell it to others for a good profit.

A little profit of $50-$200 per domain would be a handsome income per month if you can sell 10-20 domains per month.

You can do it easily. I am doing this for the last year. In that time period, I sold more than 100 domains with an average of $75 profit per domain. This figure is not bad as a side income.

So, if you are a newbie and want to enter in domain flipping business then this article can be helpful for you:

In the beginning, let me tell you some information about expired domains.

When we don’t renew a domain then it is expired and parked as an expired domain. There any many reasons not to renew a domain. Maybe the owner is not interested anymore to continue the website, in some cases, they don’t have the money for renewal. Domain companies give a chance to renew a domain by increasing it 30 days time after your last date of renewal.

If you aren’t able to renew the domain within one month then it is expired and the domain registrar starts bidding for that domain. In some cases, you can buy the expired domain at a fixed price without bidding.

If you want to win a domain from auction then you need to be the highest bidder. After the 7 days of the auction, the domain name will be transferred to the highest bidder’s account.

How can you use these domains?
An expired domain could be a powerful weapon to try and do several beneficial things.
Before entering into the main topic I will be discussing some benefits of expired domains.

1. 301 redirect
By doing 301 redirects you can move all the page’s property to the targeted page. Let’s assume, you found a website name that has backlinks from Wikipedia, NYT, The guardian, HBC, or the other huge websites.

Now it’s time to redirect the website to your targeted website. You will definitely notice some increase in authority and ranking on the money website.

2. Use the domain and rebuild the website
It can be the most beneficial option than selling or redirecting the domain. I already did this with one domain. I bought a good domain related to technology named “bindapple.com” then I rebuilt the website with fresh content.

Already the domain has good quality links and a reputation so I didn’t need to work more. The most important thing that happens was when I started publishing quality content on that domain it started ranking on Google.

Within a few months, I earned a good ammount of money from Adsense and sponsored content.

This is another method of boosting ranking. Some bloggers make private Blog networks to promote the money website.

3. Make a PBN
If you have good quality expired domains you can easily make a PBN by rebuilding the sites. Referring links to your money website from these PBNs can increase the ranking of your money website

Now I am going to discuss the main topic of the five things you need to check before buying an expired domain from the marketplace.

Many platforms are now selling domains from Godaddy. They are providing Domain Authority(DA), Referring Domain(RD), Domain age, and other metrics but they don’t show some important metrics. Maybe they want to hide it.

i) Basic thing is to check DA, PA, and DR :
Hundreds of domains are expiring per day and the first thing to do with that domains is to calculate the basic matrices like Domain Authority(DA), Domain Rating(DR), Trust Flow(TF), and Page Authority(PA).

Some paid websites like Moony and DOmcop are now offering the complete expired and expiring list of domains with these metrics.

You may subscribe to these services because free bulk metrics calculations are heavy and tough now. If you can get all the metrics together then you can filter easily and pick up the good domains.

If you are going to build PBN or redirect the website to your money website then it’s better to choose at least 25+ DA, DR and PA websites

ii) Check that the domain was penalized by Google or not
You may found a high authority domain but penalized by Google. And your whole effort will go in vain. That’s why before buying check the domain is still indexed or not in Google. You may try it with google penalized checker tool.

If the domain is too good or not indexed. Still you can buy it and submit a reconsideration request.Sometimes it may be penalized by owners technical mistakes. Otherwise if the domain was parked for long time without hosting then there is a big chance that Google remove the domains page from the SERP. It does not mean that the domain was penalized.

3. Check Google AdSense ban
If you are willing to rebuild the website and want to earn money from Google Adsence then this point is only for you. All the sites are not accepted by Adsense in the first attempt. But a reconsideration(with the fixed issues) can approve the site again. But if Google banned your site from Adsense then it’s quite hard to pass the check again.

So before buying domain please check the Adsense ban. There are some good quality tools available from where you can check easily.

4. Check the domain history
Don’t forgot to check the domain’s history from wayback machines. There always a huge chance that the domain was a russian/chinees or any other non-english domain.

Then it is not going to help you. You can’t rebuild it or make it English language domain. All the backlinks of the non-english domain will be non-english backlinks. So redirects it to your money website may be harmful

5. Check the backlinks quality and spam Score
Already mentioned about the non English backlinks in the above point. Besides non-english backlinks you should be careful about the quality of backlinks and the referring domains.

Sometimes there are too many backlinks from a few referring domains. It is not good for backlinks overall health. Also take a glance at the moz spam score and Toxic score provided by SEM RUSH backlink audit.

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