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Practical Ways to Maintain your Car’s Essential Parts

Your car is not just a vehicle you use to get to places in the fastest time. It is also an investment. Even if the value of the most car depreciates as year pass by, it is not a good reason not to take good care of it. Think about the times it had saved you from getting late from your appointments, bringing your kids to school on rainy days or taking your pet to the veterinary clinic for an emergency. With the help of your car, it is just right to maintain it, especially the essential items that comes with it.

Although it may take a few amounts of money to maintain your car, what it can do to you is priceless. But to avoid spending too much for keeping your car, you should be familiar with what are the things should be maintained in your vehicle.

The Fluids and Filters
It is essential to keep track of when you will change the oil of your car. The usual mark for change oil is 3,000 miles. So if you already hit that mark, it is best to bring your vehicle to the nearest mechanic to get a change in fuel. Instead of doing it your own, it would be better than an expert should do the change oils since cars have varying oil capacities and requirements.

When it comes to the air filter, you should change it once a year. It is one of the essential car accessories because it prevents sand and debris from getting into your engine and other mechanical parts of your car. Some cars would require cleaning, while others will need a replacement. That is why it should be checked by a car expert.

The Coolant System
Once a year, your coolant system should be changed. If this is ignored, the coolant might become acidic which can result in corrosion. If this happens, corrosion will damage the essential accessories in the car, such as water pump, radiator, hoses, thermostat and more. Neglecting it, therefore, will result to overheat.

To prevent overheating of the radiator, bugs that are stuck inside should be removed. You can use a bug remover spray solution and allow it to sit for a few minutes for effective cleaning. Afterward, you can spray it with water using a hose to remove the solution, eventually the bugs in the radiator.

One thing you should NEVER do with your radiator is brush or scrub it. It’s a big NO. It will only damage your radiator, where the blades would get scratched and could injure you.

If you found cracks in the tubes of your car parts, you should replace it immediately. But make sure that you get the right length and diameter of the car hose to ensure fit. Instead of buying online, you should buy on the physical store to see if what you will buy is genuine or fake.

These are some of the parts of the car that you should maintain well to avoid the high cause of repair and accidents. Sometimes, negligence of the car parts for maintenance is the prime reason why accidents happen.

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