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T echno Socio
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Have You Known Enough about Power Adapters of the Devices You Own?
Almost everyone today constantly uses a device such as a power adapter. What is it and what is it for? This article describes the power supply units. We consider the function of these devices, their characteristics, and types.

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Let’s try to define this device. Adapter or power supply is an electronic device for generating an output voltage set point and capacity. Household adapters (e.g. Bose Soundlink power cord) convert AC electricity network in constant required for different types of equipment. In the CIS countries, adopted a standard main: 220 V, 50 Hz, however, these parameters may be different in other countries. Accordingly, the power adapter is released for a country will vary according to the operating input voltage. And what do you want these blocks? Almost all electronic devices have an operating voltage in the range 3-36 volts (sometimes there may be exceptions). After all, most of the operating range of semiconductor components is given exclusively in low voltage. This is because such items are small in dimensions, emit little heat at work and have little power consumption. The power adapter is needed to ensure that such equipment operating voltage. It is much more economical to get the equipment to make the power supply than to develop a device is powered directly from the mains of 220 V. These devices need powerful, with large overall dimensions of radiators. As a result, significantly increase the size and cost of such products.

First of all, power supplies can be divided into two main groups: external and embedded. From the name is easy to understand that the latter is in a single package with the main unit. A good example of such an adapter can serve as a personal computer power supply unit, wherein said device and at least in a separate node, but located in a common housing. External power supply design is an independent unit. For example, a charger for mobile phone, laptop, and more. Another of the characteristics which distinguish the adapter is manufacturing technology. From this perspective, there are transformer and electronic (impulse) power supply units. The first is characterized by large size and weight, simplicity, reliability, low cost and easy repair. Switching devices, on the contrary, a small package options and low weight, but they are durable and stable in operation.

There are many private executions of power supply solutions. They will vary according to provide an output voltage, current, and so on. Available also the power adapter (universal e.g. the 9V 2A power adapter and the Nabi charger), is capable of producing several different in voltage value. Such devices can be fed a variety of equipment. Universal blocks have the switching mechanism housing nominal output voltage and can have various interchangeable type connectors. Recently, USB Power Adapter is very popular. Such a unit can be connected to a variety of devices that can be charged via the USB-cable. Thanks to high-quality adapter equipment receive the required power supply voltage, and it affects the stability and the duration of its work.


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