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T echno Socio
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4 Most Common Types of Headphones
Your headphone is too old and too worn out. It is high time for you to buy another one. Headphones have become a part of your daily life. In fact, you find it hard to go to work or school without it. But, as technology today evolves much faster than your preferences, choosing the best one may be daunting. This is true especially if you have to shop online where the choices are too plenty it is so easy for you to become overwhelmed. But before you head out to search for the one that suits your needs, familiarize yourself first with the most common types of headphones in the market today.


Earbud Headphones
Ear-bud phones are also referred to as in-ear headphones. This could also refer to the disposable ones that you often get on a plane or the ones included in the package of your brand new smartphone. Earbud phones have tiny earpieces so you can easily insert them into your ear canal or just let them rest on the outer part of your ears. The best thing about this headset is that it often comes in lightweight and compact design. Navigation controls were already built into its wires. Its small size also provides much comfort regardless of the type of earrings, hairstyle, hat or glasses you wear. However, its sound quality may not be that excellent compared to other full-size models.

Full-size headphones
This type of headphone can also be called closed-back, over-the-ear or earcup headphones. Its full-size design allows your ears to be fully enclosed making it capable of providing acoustic isolation. A full-size headphone is a better option if you are just staying inside your home as it could be too bulky to be portable. Its design allows more potential for maximum bass and better loudness. But, some people also have issues with it overheating their ears.

Wireless headphones
Wireless phones have indeed gained much popularity these days. These may come in the form of Bluetooth headphones or transmitter headphones. The Bluetooth version is so popular for people who prefer wireless transmission of music. To ensure the best sound quality, you may purchase the one that supports aptXBluetooth codec for better sound fidelity. Make sure you have enough battery especially when you’re using this headphone outdoors. Otherwise your music will just die off as its battery drains.


On-ear headphones
On-ear headphones may come in different forms such as the earpad, semi-open, closed-back, open-backed or supra-aural headphones. This is the kind of headphone that is designed in a way that covers your ears. Others are even built in a way that completely blocks noise distractions so you can just focus on what you are listening to. One advantage of on-ear headphone is that it is less likely to leak sound to the one sitting beside you. It won’t also make you prone to experiencing overheated ears as what full-size headphones do. There are also headphones of this type that can be folded for more comfort when transporting. However, some models of this headphone do not offer the noise-isolation feature.

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