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HR Forum Media  April 26, 2022 

Welcome to GhanaWeb News Today, only on GHANA News ONLINE. Stay tuned to GhanaWeb News Today for frequent updates in politics, sports, business, entertainment, health, and international news.  

GHANANews ONLINE is a content curation and syndication website to offer news stories across the length and breadth of Ghana.  

GhanaWeb News Today : NEWS CATEGORIES  



This section covers the most recent events that have occurred in the politics and governance of the nation. In addition to this, it offers information about the actions of prominent political leaders, government officials, and plenipotentiaries. It examines the programs, policies, and action plans of the government of Ghana, as well as the positive and negative effects such policies, programmes, and plans will have or have had on the average Ghanaian. 

General News 


This section contains news stories in addition to politics and government. It's a section that focuses on happenings in and around the lives of ordinary Ghanaians. It also illuminates various government efforts and programmes, as well as their impact on the general populace. 



The sports section includes sports news at both the national and international levels. The sports area of GHANA News ONLINE is dominated by stories on national football teams, our local league, athletics, boxing, hockey, tennis, and basketball, to name just a few of the sports covered. 



This section includes stories about various companies based in Ghana. Included in this publication are stories pertaining to Ghana's economy, private and public firms, and significant economic indicators such as GDP annual growth rate, unemployment rate, and inflation rate, to name a few. In addition, this part of the article examines a variety of different government policies and actions that are aimed at creating an environment that is conducive to the success of firms owned by both local and international investors. 



In the entertainment sector, a focus on Ghana's creative arts industry is vital. The entertainment area covers musicians, actors/actresses, comedians, national events, and the other industry participants that help drive the creative arts economy. 



The health area is dedicated to covering news stories that are connected to various aspects of health in Ghana. According to a common platitude, a prosperous country is also a healthy nation. 

International News 


You will get the latest news from all across the globe in the international section. This is because no one lives in complete isolation and it is beneficial for each country to be aware of what is occurring in the regions that are considered to be its neighbours or sister countries. 

Career Blog 


We provide a comprehensive website that is devoted entirely to career counselling and growth. This website serves as a resource for employers as well as job seekers on a variety of topics that are relevant to work and employment. 


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