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Logos, websites & more...

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Logos, websites, packaging design and more. Our trusted designer community has helped thousands of businesses launch, grow, expand and rebrand with custom, professional design.
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[Image: Profile image of designer Reza Ernanda]  
[Image: Logo design with bike helmet for brand: 'Copilot - the Journey is the Destination']  
[Image: Logo design with the sun behind a mountain for brand: 'Wanderlust Bar Company']  
[Image: Logo design with animated letters of the brand: 'Megahouse']  
by reza ernanda
[Image: Profile image of designer Mad pepper]  
[Image: Logo design with bear on a bicycle for brand: 'Bozzi’s Biscotti']  
[Image: Logo design dog with a TNT-bomb in the mouth for the brand: 'DIY Gun Dog']  
[Image: Logo design with a fox for the brand: 'Lone Oak Studios']  
by Mad pepper
[Image: Profile image of designer Radovan Ciobanenco]  
[Image: Logo design with an animated letter T for the brand: 'Tilt']  
[Image: Logo design with the brand name: 'Fit For Purpose']  
[Image: Logo design with an animated letter N for the brand: 'Nordnorks Finans']  
by Radovan Ciobanenco
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[Image: book cover with white gold intricate pattern]  
by betiobca  
[Image: two women with books sitting on a couch]  
[Image: female founders book in a book store]  
99designs is a platform with a good name and a very good service…
where entrepreneurs can easily find the right design for their company. The book cover for us was a very important part of the success of the book. Therefore, we entrusted this to experts and ended up being very happy with the result."
[Image: The avatar of Val Racheeva + Maxi Knust]  
Val Racheeva + Maxi Knust
Co-authors, Germany
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697,884  connections 
[Image: black scuba diving coffee helmet logo design]  
by Wintrygrey  
[Image: person with sunglasses smiling]  
[Image: coffee cup with black logo design]  
We wanted something fun and eye-catching that didn’t look like every other coffee logo out there…
There were so many designs to choose from and all of the designers were friendly and willing to change things up based on our preferences. In the end, we went with a design from Wintrygrey that we absolutely love. I would definitely recommend 99designs to anyone looking for logos and branding."
[Image: The avatar of Juliette Simpkins]  
Juliette Simpkins
Owner, Black Ring Coffee. USA
Global is good. Our designers challenge and inspire each other with their unique perspectives.

192  countries 
[Image: Delly basketball logo design]  
by Steve Hai  
[Image: two people standing holding shoes with custom design]  
[Image: green and grey basketball shoes]  
When it came to developing my own brand, I didn’t really think of other options…
I want to make sure I have alignment between who I am and what I am representing. We all gravitated pretty quickly to the design from Steve Hai. He was really responsive and a great designer. — photo courtesy: instagram @matthewdelly"
[Image: The avatar of Matthew Dellavedova]  
Matthew Dellavedova
Australian NBA superstar
Creativity at work! Right now we’ve got a lot of people discussing design…

11,625  talking design 
[Image: three mobile phones with red and black interface web design]  
by malzi.  
[Image: person sitting on ledge looking at view of ocean]  
[Image: person close up with mountains in background]  
It’s a privilege to work from anywhere. I’m enjoying every second of this lifestyle…
I fund a good portion of my travel expenses through 99designs, which I am very grateful for. But I also don’t need to worry about client acquisition, so I can concentrate completely on the projects at hand."
[Image: The avatar of Timo Malzbender (malzi.)]  
Timo Malzbender (malzi.)
UI/UX designer, Germany
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[Image: Illustration by Sasha Wolf]  
by Sasha Wolf  

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