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ShrimpFest 2011

Emerald Towns Alliance 

E  mer  ald Towns Alliance (ETA) is a Non-profit Corporation that was formed to assist our community by repairing tải exness, constructing   or by making modifications to public facilities, and providing or enhancing community services in the Brinnon and Quilcene   areas of Hood Canal. We are not a political organization nor do we take sides in any community issue. As individual members, we have the right to form an opinion but as an organization, we never do.  
ETA's efforts are focused on projects that will benefit the entire community. The primary fundraiser of the organization is a community event tải exness cho máy tính called ShrimpFest. This event is a Memorial day weekend festival located in the heart of Brinnon. (May 28th and 29th, 2011)  In the past, proceeds from this event have benefited the Brinnon Community Center, Quilcene Community Center, Brinnon Volunteer Fire Department, The Brinnon School, the Andy Mackie Music Foundation and many others.Proceeds from 2006, 2007 and 2008 and 2009 are listed on our Contributions page. As future proceeds are distributed, this site will be updated.

To look at other ETA projects, click on any of the buttons exnessasia.com.vn/download below. You'll be able to see the many things community members working together have been able to accomplish.

Brinnon Weather

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