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Darknet Markets List 2023
List of all the best and verified dark web markets.
The dark web is part of the deep web but is built on darknets: overlay networks that sit on the internet but which can't be accessed without special tools or software like Tor. Tor is an anonymizing software tool that stands for The Onion Router — you can use the Tor network via Tor Browser.
BlackMarket is a fast growing darknet market which makes bold claims to be the fastest growing marketplace. Whilst its hard to definitely prove this claim, it certainly is growing quickly, which is evident by how many recent product reviews there are, as well as the recent influx of new vendors following the high profile exit scams of established markets such as Darkode Reborn and World Market. Drugs and fraud relating items make up the bulk of the offerings available on BlackMarket, but there are also some listings for digital content (such as porn accounts) and counterfeit items ...

BlackMarket × 
In order to view what the market has to offer, you first need to create an account. This process is incredibly quick and easy on BlackMarket. All you need to provide is a username, password and an optional referral code if you have one.

BlackMarket supports Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) and Monero (XMR). Vendors can choose which payment times to accept. Monero is faster, has lower transaction fees and is much safer, so we always recommend this over Bitcoin.

Cypher Market
Cypher Market has been around for a while now. After being around for almost a year, the market just started to grow in popularity. The market does not try to stand out of the crowd and aims to provide a simple and smooth experience. On Cypher Market you can find all types of goods...
Cypher Market × 
Cypher Market has been around for a while now. After being around for almost a year, the market just started to grow in popularity. The market does not try to stand out of the crowd and aims to provide a simple and smooth experience.

On Cypher Market you can find all types of goods ranging from illicit drugs to digital goods like stolen credit cards. Like most markets, Cypher has some rules restricting dangerous substances, objects and more.

Bohemia Market
Bohemia Market is a cutting edge marketplace designed to take a more modern approach of the traditional darknet market. Boasting a wide variety of both user & merchant features, Bohemia currently accepts both BTC (Bitcoin) and XMR (Monero) using a safe escrow system. It’s security features alongside beautiful user interface makes Bohemia a one of a kind dark web market ...
Bohemia Market × 
As with most marketplaces, Bohemia market’s approach to darknet buying and selling is more or less the same with regards to providing a traditional escrow system. As an added convenience to the buyer, you can expect to be introduced to an intelligent cart system which allows multi-product purchasing from more than one vendor in a single transaction.

Bohemia market has recently affiliated with Recon and subsequently implemented their seamless merchant cross reference and feedback system. Vendors at Bohemia can now be instantly verified and validated via their profile pages and linked Recon profile.

Tor2door Market
Tor2door is built from scratch and rocks a new unique design. The market claims that security and usability are it's main priorities. This market is one of the easiest to use and is very simple for inexperienced dark-net users ...
Tor2door Market × 
It is not that easy to find a great market these days. The dark-net market scene is over saturated with small markets that come and go all the time. Tor2door looks like it's here to stay, it's built from scratch with usability and design in mind. The market looks better than any other competitor at the moment and is very easy to use. Currently the market is still in early stages and has slightly over 400 listings. From all the positive user feedback we believe that the market will rapidly grow in popularity in the coming months.

ASAP Market
A little more than a year old, ASAP Market is a moderate-to-large sized darknet market that features an extensive selection of listings categories. The market was originally called ASEAN Market but rebranded shortly after launch ...
ASAP Market × 
ASAP claims to have developed systems for identifying scamming vendors and fake reviews, which are two of its cleverer aspects. They are willing to be flexible with vendor bonds, taking into consideration the value that vendors can potentially add to the market. The ASAP admins also have an active presence on the Dread forum, ready to engage with their users and help them to resolve problems. ASAP can run a little slow at times but only slightly more so than the average darknet market.

ASAP is one of the few markets that carries a larger Digital Good selection than drugs – especially once you include the Fraud section, which is quite large. Although included is the usual mishmash of guides and tutorials that can be found anywhere basically for free, they do carry some rare and hard-to-find digital items as well. A cool feature to be appreciated about ASAP is the fact that you can view the market without having to create an account and log in. This makes it easy to tell if the market is suitable before register. The vendors on ASAP may be less experienced than other markets, but they do cover territory worldwide, and some have hundreds of sales within that market alone.

ASAP Market carries close to 17,000 listings in all, which makes it one of the bigger markets currently out there. Listings are divided into the following categories: Stimulants, RCs, Cannabis & Hash, Drug Paraphernalia, Steroids, Barbiturates, Fraud, Weight Loss, Ecstasy, Prescription, Opioids, Counterfeits, Dissociatives, Digital Goods, Benzos, and Psychedelics. Of these categories, Digital Goods is the largest, followed by Fraud, Cannabis & Hash, and Stimulants. Unfortunately, the listing filters aren’t of much help when seeking an item, but the search box tends to work well enough.

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