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    1 Mar, 2024   An ordinary day for some, an extraordinary day for heroes
    “Do it with no regrets.”

    The Kiwoom Heroes, frankly, don’t count at all this season. Even with Lee Jung-hoo (26, San Francisco Giants) and Ahn Woo-jin (25, social service worker), they are the bottom of the 10 clubs. There are several other teams that could move up from last year’s bottom of the standings, including the Hanwha Eagles and Lotte Giants. There are concerns that Kiwoom could fall far behind the other nine teams early on.

    Kiwoom’s one reliable corner is Hope and Bibil Hill. In fact, since Hong Won-ki took over in 2021, he has often and frequently switched between one and two teams during the season. It was a way to stimulate individuals and give hope to others, as not many players have stable positions.

    Every year, there are new faces in the first team. The door is open for anyone. However, in recent years, not many players have been able to establish themselves as regular members of the first team. This is the reality of growing up, where you can’t just pick a starter and trust him for 100 games and not worry about him or the team.

    Still, the team can’t stop searching for new faces. One of them is right-handed pitcher Park Yoon-seong, 20, who graduated from Gyeongnam High School and was drafted in the third round (26th overall) in 2023. Park is entering the professional world this year. Where and in what role is, of course, up to him.

    On the 29th (KST), Park played his fourth exhibition game against the Zhongxin Brothers at CTBC Park in Pingtung, Taiwan. Park was the fourth pitcher and pitched one inning, striking out one and walking none. He threw just nine pitches. He was aggressive, throwing six strikes.

    As it turns out, Park was already in camp in Taiwan as a motivational device. “This is my first overseas camp since I was an amateur, so it was a little difficult for me to fulfill the training schedule, but I’ve adapted and I’m enjoying the environment because I can focus on my training,” he told the club.

    I’m getting a taste of the pros. Experiencing success is important. Park said, “I think today was better than my last game. I threw as hard as I could and paid attention to my pitches, and I’m happy that the result was good. Even if it’s a practice game, if the result is good, I think it gives me confidence and increases my expectations for the next game.”

    In a five-game KBO League First Division game, if there is no draw, there will be five winners and five losers. An ordinary day for some is an extraordinary day for Park Yoon-seong. He said, “‘Do it without regrets’ is my life motto. I will do my best without regrets during the camp. My goal is to make the first team roster for the regular season, let alone the exhibition games. As a first-team player, any win, hold, or save is good, so I want to make a record-breaking performance.”

    This year, Kiwoom should produce as many players like Park Yoon-sung who realize their dreams as possible. Such players will build up and build up, leading to a full-fledged powerhouse, and only then can we look forward to a bright future.

    1 Mar, 2024   Pogba confirms four-year ban for positive doping test
    Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba is facing the end of his career.

    “Pogba has been banned from soccer for four years for doping,” European soccer expert Fabrizio Romano said on social media on Monday (Feb. 29).

    British media outlet BBC also reported the news of Pogba’s suspension. “The ruling means Pogba will not be able to play until 2027, when he will be 33, and the ban is retroactive to the date of the positive test,” the BBC said.

    Pogba was provisionally suspended in August after a doping test conducted after the home opener against Odinese revealed high levels of testosterone in his system.

    Testosterone, also known as the male hormone, is a common doping substance. Testosterone increases muscle recovery and endurance. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) considers it a banned substance and has strong penalties.

    Normally, doping tests take two urine samples, A and B, to improve accuracy. Pogba’s A sample tested positive, and then the B sample, which was requested by Pogba’s camp, also tested positive.

    According to the BBC, Pogba maintains his innocence. If he did take it, he says it was by mistake.

    “What is clear is that he never intended to break the rules,” said Pogba’s agent, Raffaela Pimenta, at the time of his first suspension.

    Many believe that Pogba’s career is effectively over. He has lost the 토토 most important 20s of his career, and even if he returns, he will have to adapt to the league in his mid-30s, when his skills and fitness have diminished.

    Pogba came up through the Manchester United youth ranks before moving to Italian side Juventus in 2012 to fulfill his potential. Pogba became a superstar at Juventus and returned to his hometown club in 2016 for a record-breaking transfer fee of €150 million.

    However, he was unable to integrate into Jose Mourinho’s system, and a series of injuries and underperformance turned him into a liability.

    After returning to Juventus as a free agent in 2022, Pogba resurfaced this season, only to have his contract terminated after testing positive for doping.

    1 Mar, 2024   ‘Holland to Barcelona’ shock move: agent contacted… ‘It’s a big dream’
    Elling Holland’s agent met with the Barcelona director.

    Gerard Romero, a journalist familiar with the European soccer transfer market, reported on Monday that “Barcelona’s sporting director, Decou, met with Holland’s agent, and what was discussed was Holland’s future and Barcelona’s ambitions for him.”

    This is shocking news. Holland is already well established at Manchester City. Since arriving at City from Dortmund last season, he has dominated the Premier League (PL). His insane goal-scoring form has established him as a ‘monster’. In 35 league games last season, he scored 36 goals and provided eight assists to finish as the PL’s top scorer.

    City also won a triple thanks to Holland. They defeated Inter in the UEFA Champions League final and Manchester United in the English FA Cup. In particular, Holland scored 12 goals in 11 UEFA Champions League games and three goals in four FA Cup games. It is often said that City’s treble would not have been possible without him.

    This season, Holland has continued his stellar form. With 17 goals in the league, he is currently top of the PL scoring charts. He was at his best in the FA Cup round of 16 against Luton Town on March 28, scoring five goals in a single game.

    His outstanding performances at Man City have led to speculation of a move to Barcelona. Following a meeting between Holland’s agent and Barcelona director Deku, further reports surfaced. “It is a big dream of Barcelona president Joan Laporta to sign Holland, who has a great eye for goal, and help Barcelona catch up with Real Madrid,” the British publication Team Talk reported on Sept. 29. Even Barcelona’s president wants Holland.

    However, Barcelona will reportedly have to wait until 2025. “Holland’s current contract expires in 2027, and there is a clause in the deal that reduces the buyout amount 카지노 over time, starting this summer. Barcelona will have to wait until 2025 to sign Holland, at which point his buyout clause will drop to €150 million ($217 million).”

    Holland has been linked with a move to Real as well as Barcelona. According to the media, Holland’s agent, Mino Raiola, had planned a move to Real before he passed away. However, with a new agent in place, the player is now more likely to join Barcelona than Real.

    If Holland were to join Barcelona, he would face Kylian Mbappe in the El Clasico, the world’s greatest derby. Both players are world-class goalkeepers who have followed in the footsteps of Ronaldo and Messi.

    1 Mar, 2024   Oh Ji-young opens up on ‘harassment’, immigration documents
    The battle for truth will continue.

    The women’s professional volleyball team Pepper Savings Bank is in turmoil. After being disciplined for human rights violations, Oh Ji-young is crying foul. In interviews with several media outlets, she revealed details of what happened inside the organization. She claimed that the damage reports submitted by the juniors were full of lies. He also pointed out the fault of the juniors. One of the victims, Lee Min-seo, took to her personal social networking account on Monday to refute Oh’s interview.

    Oh was recently accused of persistently harassing two of his juniors. One of them, Lee Min-seo, left the team on Nov. 13 last year through an arbitrary termination. The Korean Volleyball Organization (KOVO) held a punishment committee on Nov. 23, but it failed to reach a conclusion. On Nov. 27, the KOVO held a second punishment committee and reinstated Oh and the other players named as victims. The club officials were also given the opportunity to be heard and the statements of the club’s witnesses were confirmed.

    The federation said, “We have confirmed that there were acts of human rights violations such as harassment and verbal abuse by Oh Ji-young. It is a serious anti-social behavior and a vicious habit that must be eradicated from professional sports in the future.” “In order to prevent similar acts from occurring again, we have decided to impose a disciplinary sanction of ‘one-year suspension’ on Oh Ji-young pursuant to Article 10 (1) (4) of the Regulations of the Committee for the Protection of Athletes’ Human Rights, Article 10 (1) (1) and (5) of the Penalty Regulations, and Article 11 (4) and (5) of the Disciplinary and Sanctioning Standards (General) of Annex 1 of the Penalty Regulations.”

    Pepper Savings Bank also announced on the 27th that it had “decided to terminate the contract with Oh Ji-young.”

    On the 28th, Jeong Min-ho, a lawyer at Lee’s law firm, said, “Keeping in mind the future retrial process and litigation proceedings, Jeong will calmly and carefully go through the process of revealing his injustice regardless of whether he retires or not. She had an absolute lack of time to prepare rebuttal materials and did not have a full opportunity to present her case.”

    O’Neill’s camp said they are requesting a review by the Federation’s penalty committee and are preparing other legal responses. They also released the messages that Oh shared with the two victims. The messages were affectionate and friendly. In the interview, Oh also refuted the allegations of sexual assault that have always been publicized.

    Lee Min-seo then opened up. She began by explaining that Oh Ji Young had asked her to write down what she should do in the future for her volleyball career. “My sister asked me if I had a boyfriend lately. When I said no, she said it was suspicious and scolded me for more than 30 minutes for ridiculous reasons.” “She asked me to write a reflection, saying, ‘I will not betray you in the future, and I will open everything to you. She asked me to fill two A4-sized notebooks, front and back, with two full pages. I filled one page,” he said.

    “I have several transcripts of conversations I had with my friend at the time where I asked her if it made sense and told her I wanted to die.”

    As for the heartfelt message, Oh said, “I thought that if my sister knew that the reason I left the team was because of you, I wouldn’t be able to play volleyball on the unemployment team. I asked coach Joe Trinzi and the front desk to let me leave quietly. I purposely overreacted to her messages so she wouldn’t notice,” he explained. “My acquaintances, my teachers, my teammates, my sisters, they’re more upset. They are more angry, asking if she is lying in this way,” he claimed.

    Oh Ji Young said, “Lee Min Seo didn’t get along well with his teammates. I mediated and he got along with his peers,” she said, “No, that’s not true. My motivation 스포츠토토 at the time was twofold, one was that her sister was traded and she was a free agent. The other was rehabbing from surgery, so we weren’t on the field together,” he rhymed.

    “She said that (I) was being a bully and intervened in an unnecessary and excessive way. I made the other sisters feel more uncomfortable and noticeable.” “Looking back on it now, I think it was a show of power and picking sides. Those of you who have been around her will know what this is.”

    In addition, when Oh Ji Young said in an interview about Lee Min Seo, “I heard that the players who stayed in the hostel during the away schedule went out the next day to buy clothes to wear when they went out and stayed overnight.” Lee Min Seo said, “Don’t make up things that don’t exist.”

    “She would always say, ‘Aren’t you the number one player to be released next year?” or ‘You’re going to be fired anyway,'” Lee said. “We had a food shuttle almost every day, and when we ate in the player’s cafeteria, we always had to eat next to her. She would wipe the food from her hands onto my clothes.”

    “She was disrespectful and hostile to everyone, even the players and coaching staff, if they didn’t follow her orders. She also had a lot of complaints about the way the team trained,” he said, adding, “She took it out on the training field and made it difficult for others.”

    “Everyone knows that I lived in hell for four months, except for my sister. She didn’t just say things she didn’t like, she said things that were personally insulting.” “It’s a pain that only the victim will die. What kind of heart am I writing this with,” he said.

    1 Mar, 2024   Lingard jerseys sold out – Suwon Samsung still has ‘fan spirit’
    The New Year’s K League, preparing for the opening fanfare, chants ‘3 million again’.

    After last year’s World Cup Round of 16 frenzy in Qatar, which saw the first and second divisions (25 clubs) combine for an explosive attendance of 3,015,091, the K League is confident of a repeat performance this year. Although there is an aftermath of the Asian Cup in Qatar, there are box office cards to offset it.

    The biggest box office draw is Jesse Lingard (32-Seoul), a striker who is arguably the best K League player of all time.

    The former Manchester United of the English Premier League (EPL) is a superstar that even current leaguers admit they “didn’t think he’d ever come.” He may not be at his best right away, having been out of action for over half a year, but he’s sure to bring the house down. FC Seoul, which boasted the highest attendance in the K League even before Lingard’s arrival (432,000 – average attendance of 22,633), is hoping to reach 500,000+ fans in the new year thanks to an influx of young fans interested in overseas soccer.

    Seoul started selling jerseys online through its website on Feb. 22, and the 1,000 jerseys it had reserved were sold out within two hours. Tickets for the Gwangju-Seoul match at the Gwangju Football Stadium on Feb. 2 were also sold out within two and a half minutes of going on sale. The Gwangju Football Stadium has a capacity of about 7,700 people.

    “Before and after the signing of Lingard, the club’s official Instagram account grew to 99,712 followers (an increase of 28,488) as of the 27th, and YouTube gained 112,374 subscribers (an increase of 17,307). YouTube, in particular, welcomed a whopping 1,056,619 new viewers.”

    Another positive is that the Lingard effect has revitalized championship competition in the K-League, which had been absent for a while. Last year, seventh-ranked Seoul, with Kim Ki-dong (53), one of the best coaches in the K-League, at the helm, became the favorite to win the title with the addition of Lingard. “This year, the title will be contested by Jeonbuk Hyundai and FC Seoul, along with Ulsan HD (who won the title for the second year in a row),” the 12 managers agreed.

    Of course, there are variables to maintaining 3 million spectators in the K League. Another popular club, Suwon Samsung, was shockingly relegated to the K League 2 last year after finishing in last place.

    Last year, Suwon drew 224,177 fans, even in the worst of times, for an average attendance of 11,799, ranking fifth in attendance behind Seoul and Ulsan (18,210), Daejeon 토토 Hana Citizen (12,857), and Jeonbuk (12,566).

    Furthermore, Suwon is a club known for its trickle-down effect in the K League. The league started counting away attendance separately last year, and Suwon’s 1504 fans ranked third behind Jeonbuk (1795) and Ulsan (1543). If fewer fans are dyeing one side of the stadium blue despite poor results, it’s a blow to the overall K League attendance. The loss of the “Super Match” between Suwon and Seoul, one of the most popular products in the K League, should also be taken into account.

    The good news is that Suwon fans are still showing their love for the club. This year, Suwon sold over 2,000 Blue Pass memberships (50,000 won) with guaranteed advance ticketing rights. This year, Suwon discontinued the annual membership (230,000 to 550,000 won for adults) due to turf work at its home stadium (Suwon World Cup Stadium) in the second half of the year, and instead unified the membership with the annual membership, which is not much different from the previous year.

    Suwon said that tickets for the opening match against Chungnam Asan, which went on sale at 2 p.m. on Nov. 28, sold around 9,500 tickets in just one day. At the current rate, the team expects to surpass last year’s opening match crowd (13,338) against Gwangju FC.

    “We have set a goal to return to the first division with our fans this year,” said a Suwon official, “and if they help us, we will be able to achieve that goal.”

    27 Feb, 2024   “Rebounding Mood” Cha Sang-hyun escapes 4-game losing streak, GS Caltex’s ‘Spring Volleyball’ reversal card: ‘Comeback Ahn Hye-jin, new family member Darin’
    GS Caltex women’s volleyball head coach Cha Sang-hyun was pleased with the team’s performance in the first match of the sixth round of the season, saying it created an atmosphere of rebound.

    GS Caltex won 3-0 (25-23 25-19 25-22) in three sets against IBK IBK Business Bank in the 2023-2024 V-League Women’s Division at Jangchung Gymnasium on March 25. It was a valuable victory that ended their recent four-game losing streak. GS Caltex (48 points, 17 points, 14 games) kept the ‘spring volleyball’ flame alive as the fourth-ranked GS Caltex (48 points, 17 points, 14 games) kept the third-ranked 토토사이트 순위 Jungkwanjang (53 points, 17 points, 14 games) in sight.

    Behind the overwhelming firepower of Giselle Silva (28 points), homegrown outside hitter Kang So-hwi (12 points) picked up the slack. With five matches left in the season, the team is still mathematically capable of reclaiming third place. Even in fourth place, they have a chance to qualify for the semifinals if they close the gap to within three points of third place. With one last spurt needed before ‘spring volleyball,’ Cha said, “Today, the team played well. It was the first time in a long time that I felt comfortable leading from the bench,” said Cha, who was pleased with the team’s overall cohesion. The return of starting setter Ahn Hye-jin from a shoulder injury and Darin Pansuwan, who recently joined the team as an alternate Asian quota player, provided the missing pieces to the puzzle.

    Ahn orchestrated the match as the starting setter. Kim Ji-won, who stepped in when Ahn was injured, was the backup. “It’s really good to have (Kim) Ji-won behind her when (Ahn) Hye-jin falters,” Cha said. “It was a tough situation for everyone because (Lee) Yoon-shin, who is like a high school student, was playing this role. Now that Hye-jin is back, she’s playing better and better.”

    Ahn Hye-jin, whose team managed to pick up one win after three straight losses, also smiled with relief. “Overall, our performance wasn’t bad, but we couldn’t break the losing streak. We’ve got an important game and we’ll be able to raise our spirits for the rest of the season,” she said.

    This was Ahn’s first rehabilitation in her career, and she returned early for the team’s “spring volleyball”. “A lot of people helped me to come back quickly,” Ahn said. I first told the coach that I wanted to come back, and he was against it at first, but after receiving a clean bill of health, he said, ‘Train from tomorrow,'” she said, explaining, “My shoulder is not in bad shape, and my performance is better than I thought it would be (during the break).”

    Darin finished with nine points, including three blocked shots, in his second start in the V-League. Although his offensive success rate dropped to 21.74%, he showed the expected defensive performance. “Darin is a player whose strength is defense,” Cha said.

    “It’s an honor to play in Korea,” said Darin, who politely bows his head and says “hello” to everyone he sees. It’s a time of personal development. The supporters are great,” he said. He said he had heard a lot about Korea from Hyundai E&C’s Thai player Wipawee Sittong, who was making his V-League debut, and made a shivering gesture, saying, “Wipawee told me it was very cold in Korea, but it’s really very cold.” When asked about his organ, he replied, “Blocking, if you just look at today’s game,” and said, “I’ll do better next time.”

    27 Feb, 2024   ‘Mega’ gusts of wind from Ini…sweep through the V-League
    Jung Kwan-jang is looking forward to the spring volleyball season with a positive outlook, thanks to the performance of Megawatti Puttiwi (registered name Mega).

    Mega, who arrived in Korea under the Asian quota system that professional volleyball introduced this year, has made waves in the women’s game since joining the league. An outside hitter and right-side spiker, Mega scored 138 points in the first round and was named the inaugural Asian Quarterfinal Most Valuable Player (MVP). A former Indonesian player with experience in the Thai-Vietnamese League, 토토 Mega caught the attention of volleyball fans by wearing a hijab to every match. She is the only one of the seven players from the Asian Quarter to be named the Most Valuable Player through five rounds this season.

    Chung’s performance this season has followed her offense. After finishing Round 1 in third place, he struggled in Rounds 2 and 3 with a 3-9 record, but rebounded in Round 4 with a 4-2 record and continued his upward trend in Round 5 (5-1). This was in line with Mega’s round-by-round offensive success rate trend (48.46%→38.17%→42.32%→46.06%→47.43%). As Mega’s offense revived, so did the team’s performance. As of the 26th, Mega has scored 660 points in 31 V-League games (118 sets), ranking seventh in scoring, fifth in total offense (43.38% success rate), and second in serving, making him the de facto starting foreign player.

    As Mega’s “megaton” offense intensifies, Jung is also feeling the “mega effect. “After Mega became the best player in the first round, Indonesians in Korea came to visit the stadium. Just like Son Heung-min in Korea, Indonesians feel that Mega is honoring the country,” he explained. The number of subscribers to Jung’s YouTube account, Ginseng TV (Teevee), has surged from about 30,000 to about 150,000 since Mega’s signing, with about 80 percent of the subscribers being Indonesians, Jung said. SPOTV has been broadcasting the V-League in Indonesia since the third round.

    The trio of Giovanna Milana (registered name Jia), Mega, and So-Young Lee has been revitalized since the fourth round, when domestic ace Lee So-Young started playing full-time. Spring volleyball for the first time in seven years is within reach. In the first match of the sixth round, the team won three points against second-place Heungkuk Saengsim and went on a four-game winning streak to move into sole possession of third place (53 points, 17 wins, 14 losses). On the 27th, they will try to make it five in a row against Korea Expressway Corporation.

    27 Feb, 2024   ‘Averaging 13.5 points in six rounds’ resurrected Kim Jin-young “a season of growth”
    Shinhan Bank’s Kim Jin-young (27, 177 cm) reflects on the season.

    Shinhan Bank Incheon won 73-55 against Bucheon Hana OneQ in the Woori Bank Woori WON 2023-2024 Women’s Professional Basketball League 바카라사이트 on Nov. 26 at Bucheon Gymnasium.

    Kim played 38 minutes and 33 seconds in the game, finishing with 12 points, 16 rebounds, including two three-pointers, seven assists, and two blocks, three assists shy of a triple-double. The 16 rebounds were also a personal best for Kim.

    After the game, Kim said, “There were many important games during the season, and we didn’t win easily. This was also an important game with the ranking at stake, and I’m glad that we were able to win with everyone on the team focusing on winning.”

    Shinhan Bank, which finished in fifth place, was at the bottom of the league at one point due to injuries to key players, but turned things around after the All-Star break and joined the playoff race.

    “I got injured at the beginning of the season, which was the first time I started with an injury, and when one of my teammates got injured, it was a chain reaction. It was a tough season with many injuries. This match was the icing on the cake. I think I have a lot to improve on. I felt that I need to prepare a lot in the future.”

    The aftermath of injuries. Kim Jin-young has struggled to find her groove this season. Her average score (7.6 points) was lower than last season (12 points), but she has gradually recovered to an average of 13.5 points after the sixth round. “I was shaky because of my ankle injury. The injury gave me a chance to grow personally. From the sixth round, I recovered to the point where I could tolerate the pain, so I’m glad I got a good feel for it. Basketball is not just about shooting, so I felt I needed to grow by working on the basics,” said Kim.

    27 Feb, 2024   Brooklyn’s grim reality: ‘Both present and future are unclear’
    Things are bleak in Brooklyn.

    The trade deadline is an opportunity for teams to either strengthen or rebuild. It’s a time for teams that declared last summer that they were rebuilding to retool.

    It’s been said that the most ambiguous teams in the NBA are the ones in the middle of the pack, not the ones at the bottom. That’s because mid-table teams can’t afford to rebuild, and they’re not in a position to contend for a championship. 텍사스홀덤사이트 Even if they rebuild, there’s no guarantee that they’ll get good rookies, and even if they do, it’s hard to overcome strong teams.

    Brooklyn is one of those teams. Brooklyn currently sits in 11th place in the Eastern Conference with a record of 21 wins and 35 losses. Brooklyn’s ranking is closer to the bottom than the middle of the pack.

    So, should Brooklyn be rebuilding? Brooklyn’s current situation suggests otherwise.

    That’s because the first-round pick in the upcoming 2024 NBA Draft went to the Houston Rockets. It was one of the considerations given to Houston in the James Harden trade.

    In other words, if Brooklyn doesn’t perform well, Houston is the team that benefits. This situation doesn”t make it easy for Brooklyn to rebuild. If Brooklyn trades away key players and doesn’t perform well, it’s only good for Houston.

    However, it’s also hard to see how the Nets will be able to improve their offense. Brooklyn is a team with 21 wins and 35 losses. It’s unlikely that any superstar will immediately change the team’s fortunes, and Brooklyn has already had a number of superstar signings. They are still dealing with the aftermath of having a superstar.

    It’s not like they can just bring in a superstar if they want one. You have to be on the trade market, and you have to compete.

    All of this combined to make Brooklyn’s trade deadline a series of dubious trades, including sending off Spencer Dinwiddie, who had a falling out with the team, to acquire Dennis Schroder, and sending Royce O’Neal to the Phoenix Suns for a bunch of second-round picks.

    They traded away key pieces like Mikal Bridges, Dorian Finney-Smith, Nick Clexton, and Cam Johnson for less impactful players.

    It’s hard to call it a rebuild when you’re trading away Dinwiddie and bringing in the veteran Schroder. It doesn’t make sense. After much deliberation, Brooklyn opted for the status quo.

    After the trade deadline, the Nets fired head coach Jacques Vaughn. The cited reasons were player discord and poor performance. It’s unfair on Bourne’s part. No matter who comes in, it’s unlikely that Brooklyn will be able to turn things around.

    According to local media, Brooklyn is already preparing for next season. Next summer, the plan is to target a superstar who will be on the trade market.

    The problem is the likelihood of a deal happening. It”s doubtful that the superstar Brooklyn wants will be on the market, and even if he is, it”s doubtful that Brooklyn will be able to get him. Brooklyn already lost out on Damian Lillard last summer.

    Still, Brooklyn has a young and promising future with Bridges, Kleston, and Johnson. Even with these young pieces, Brooklyn’s future is very unclear. Whether it’s a rebuild or a winnow, Brooklyn needs a clear path forward.

    27 Feb, 2024   Kim Hyung-jin on Daejeon Samsung’s basketball philosophy: “I want more people to play basketball like us”
    Daejeon Samsung has been known as the Little Thunders since 2019. The club started out under a different name, but it was with the Samsung Little Thunders that it really began to grow.

    The team’s head coach, Lee Ae-guk, is committed to expanding the sport with a solid basketball philosophy. He encourages fancy dribbling and the use of individual skills. 온라인카지노 He believes that the best basketball is played with five players who can play one-on-one.

    Kim Hyung-jin has been with Daejeon Samsung for seven years. He understands the team’s basketball philosophy well. “When I was in elementary school, I learned basketball in an after-school class. I didn’t learn basketball professionally. I learned basketball in earnest at Daejeon Samsung. My athletic ability improved a lot. When I realize that I am better at basketball than my peers, I feel proud and confident. I will continue to attend Daejeon Samsung in the future. I feel confident that I can play basketball with anyone,” he said.

    “I especially learned to dribble well. The teacher focuses on dribbling. Daejeon Samsung teaches you to utilize your own dribble rather than passing. It’s Daejeon Samsung’s unique playstyle. I utilize the leg through dribble. I don’t let them see where the ball is. I’ve practiced it a lot and use it in practice. Shooting wasn’t just about getting a one-handed shooting form. He also gave me detailed instructions on my shooting stance and grip when throwing from a distance.”

    What was it about Daejeon Samsung that attracted him to the program? “The teachers really care about each and every player. Even if a player doesn’t understand something, they’ll call him or her to practice. Our style of basketball is fun. We attack the defense with our own dribble. I hope more people will play basketball like us.”

    Finally, he said, “I was in the middle of a competition and COVID-19 prevented me from going. It was a big disappointment. My most memorable moment was playing one-on-one with my former coach, who I learned from. I thought I was a good basketball player among my peers. It was impressive to play against someone who was trained professionally. It was fun to play against someone so good, and it inspired me to work harder,” he concluded.

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