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To enter the territory of the BlackSprut marketplace, you must have an electronic device with you that has an Internet connection. By following certain simple steps, you can easily enter this site. So, here are the proven and working login options.

Use a personal computer to log in to SPRUT ONION
1. Tor Browser.
The most used browser that guarantees user safety. By entering a prohibited site, you can not worry that information about you will fall into third hands. Download Tor and perform some actions on the computer. It's very easy even for novice users PC.
If you type in BlackSprut in the search engine, then you can immediately make purchases on the official page of the site.
2. VPN.
Install the plugin for the browser you are using. Further, without barriers, you can visit this sales site. This option of visiting does not give a 100% guarantee of safety to the visitor, but anonymity is respected. there is no storage of data about visits to this site.
3. Mirror Gateway.
This is practically the previous option to enter the site using a specific plugin. In this case, the site also does not own a database of visitors and buyers.

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