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Cheap Bouncy Castle Rental
We have bouncy castle of all sizes, suitable for all sorts of parties and celebrations.

Starting from $98 for 3 hours of fun, organize the parties for your kids NOW!

Why Choose Us?
Safety First
Safety mats and other necessary are provided to ensure your kid’s safety.

Cleaned & Sanitized
All our castles are cleaned and sanitized before and after each event.

All Inclusive Price
All prices shown are Nett, and you pay nothing more. However, some location might incur extra charges.

Choose Your Preferred Castle Size
Small Castle
Suitable for up to 3 kids, age 2-5 years old

Medium Castle
Suitable for up to 5 kids, age 3-5 years old

Large Castle
Suitable for up to 10 kids, age 3-7 years old

Wet Castle/Slide
Suitable for up to 3 kids, age 2-7 years old

Bouncy Castle Rental
Contact: Adrian Teo (Operation Manager)
Mobile: 97575625
Email: [email protected]

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