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Over 25 years of experience
I have more than 25 years of experience in creating internet projects from the following countries and many others.

how i work
Find out how we help guide your
organization along its data journey

  • Business research
    For a better understanding of the business, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the business. This leads to an understanding of what changes will be necessary for the growth of the project.

  • Defining project goals
    Each project has its own set of goals, such as making more profit or more market volume. Perhaps entry into new countries.

  • Analysis of the current
    status of the project
    Where is the project at the moment? Determining what state the entire infrastructure is in, from hardware to marketing and analytics systems. Determination of methods of interaction with customers.

  • Market research
    Each market has its own limitations, it may be the number of potential customers or the number of competitors. This allows you to understand the direction of business growth.

  • Creating advertising campaigns
    Planning and creation of advertising campaigns in Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Bing, Yahoo, TikTok

  • Sales funnel development
    Usually, there is multi-channel interaction at the core of the sales funnel. This allows you to use many tools to interact with potential customers. Some of them are trigger email marketing, chatbot marketing, remarketing.

  • Defining the client's profile
    Determining who the buyer is. What is his/her gender and age, where he/she lives, what does he/ she do, and what are his/her interests. Why he/she should buy products and services.

  • Setting up proper analytics
    Key metrics are the basis for a proper understanding of the growth of the project. Analyzing project goals allows you to measure the success of project growth and marketing activity.

  • Google Partner 2016 - 2024

  • Google My Business Agency

  • Microsoft Advertising Partner

  • Bing Ads Accredited Professional

  • Voluum Partner
  • Shopify Partner

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the Value of Data
Using data effectively can have a significant
impact on performance

  • Understanding
    business  value
    You can sell products or services, do training, or work in the B2B field. We can help you determine what value you bring to your customers and why they buy.

  • Continuous
    improvement  process
    In order for the project to remain relevant and always bring results. So that the competitors are always in second place, we will help you to use the most modern methods to develop your business.

  • Market 
    Nowadays the conditions on the Internet market often change and you need to change your own approach to work. We are constantly researching and searching for the best approaches to business development all over the world

  • Understanding  the sources of visitors
    Where customers come from and what they do on the site. Which sources of buyers are more important to your business and how to replicate the results. We can help

  • Process
    This is an important part for every business and allows not only to optimize costs but also to serve more customers. Many tools to automate your work will help

  • Efficiency
    Creation of effective business processes will help to improve interaction within the team and the relationship with customers

  • Improving customer
    Multi-channel interaction with customers allows you to bring greater results and customer satisfaction

  • Getting
    more results 
    The development of models of long-term interaction with customers allows you to build trusting relationships with customers and significantly increase sales

  • revive your business
    you can't wait with it,
    competitors don't sleep

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My Clients
More than 200 satisfied customers in the last 4 years

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What my clients are saying
More than 200 satisfied customers in the last 4 years

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Easily organize your business, accelerate the transformation of your data into valuable business ideas

© 2016-2024 Alex Petryk
Warszawa, Poland

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Easily organize your business, accelerate the transformation of your data into valuable business ideas

© 2016-2024 Alex Petryk
Warszawa, Poland

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