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Creating Connections That Move Automotive Retail 
Trusted by nearly 15,000 dealer locations, CDK Global connects you to world-class dealership software solutions that work together to help you reach your potential.

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How We Help
How We Help
Thinking About Your Success
[Image: Dealership Desking Tactics to Win Over Modern Buyers.]  
Dealership Desking Tactics to Win Over Modern Buyers
Today, the ideal desking process is built around the modern retail experience that includes the work a customer does online,...
3 Min Read Sep 19 CDK Global
[Image: EV Confusion Carries On]  
EV Confusion Carries On
As automakers continue to churn out electric vehicles (EVs) to compete with Tesla, the share of EVs keeps building. Yet,...
2 Min Read Sep 12 CDK Global
[Image: Talking About a Different EV Bubble]  
Talking About a Different EV Bubble
The elevation of electric vehicles (EVs) to the top of the automotive food chain has been taking its time. On...
3 Min Read Sep 12 Barb Edson
[Image: Plug in Hybrids Remain a Solid Bridge to electric vehicles.]  
Plug-In Hybrids Remain a Solid Bridge to EVs
Electric vehicles (EVs) are here and more are coming to get the world to a zero-emission future. But the slow...
3 Min Read Sep 12 David Thomas
[Image: Buying a Car Gets Only Slightly Easier in August.]  
Buying a Car Gets Only Slightly Easier in August
July saw some of the biggest drops ever in our monthly Ease of Purchase Survey. Buyers were frustrated across the...
3 Min Read Sep 5 David Thomas
[Image: Avoid Top Online to In Store Modern Retail Mistakes.]  
Avoid Top Online-to-In-Store Modern Retail Mistakes
Are your sales managers and employees fumbling with buyers who prefer to do some of the purchase steps online? Or...
3 Min Read Sep 1 CDK Global
[Image: Modern Retail Benefits Dealers and Puts Customers in the Driver’s Seat Faster]  
Modern Retail Benefits Dealers and Puts Customers in the Driver's Seat Faster
Buying a vehicle is a big deal. Even the most routine car sale requires a series of steps including research,...
4 Min Read Aug 30 CDK Global
[Image: How an Automotive CRM Can Enhance the Customer Experience]  
How an Automotive CRM Can Enhance the Customer Experience
The journey to purchase a car is ever evolving, and the spotlight is shining bright on customer experience. Believe it...
3 Min Read Aug 21 Jessie Hammonds
[Image: Dealers Aren't Speeding Up Sales]  
Dealers Aren’t Speeding Up Sales
For the past year, CDK Global has been surveying car buyers each month to gauge how easy the car buying...
3 Min Read Aug 17 David Thomas
[Image: CDK Dealership Xperience: Made for a Fast-Moving World ]  
CDK Dealership Xperience: Made for a Fast-Moving World
I was flipping through movies to watch recently and happened upon Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. And as I chuckled remembering...
4 Min Read Aug 11 Brian MacDonald
What We Offer
Digital Retail
From online to in store, deliver one seamless, consistent customer experience

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Put your customers at the heart of your business and drive real growth.

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Finance & Insurance (F&I)
Never miss an opportunity to increase profits and customer satisfaction.

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Dealer Management System (DMS)
Streamline your dealership with the most powerful system in the industry.

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Fixed Operations
Make repairs more profitable and the customer experience more positive.

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IT Solutions
Make your IT work for you — not the other way around

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Harness the power of data insights and intelligence to fuel your business.

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Dealership Xperience Platform
Transform how you sell and service cars and operate your business through our open, integrated and customer-focused platform.

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Technology That's Engineered for the Way You Work
For 50 years, CDK Global has had just one purpose: to let dealers offer their customers the very best experience and grow their businesses. Our products are designed to let you focus on just one thing. Your customer.

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As a global leader in the field, we're looking for the best and brightest to join us as we move automotive retail forward.

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