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Welcome to The Mentoring Project
Let’s face it; college can be scary especially during the first year whether it’s as a first-year or transfer student. We all desire to succeed, but sometimes we need help or have questions along the way and a mentor can be the answer. FAU’s mentoring initiative is here to assist students by offering them the support that they need. The Mentoring Project (a collaboration between Student Affairs and Academic Affairs), specifically, the “Connections” mentoring initiative is designed to connect first-year and transfer students with a mentor who is a member of the FAU community. Departmentally based mentoring opportunities offered across the FAU campus are also highlighted by The Mentoring Project.

"I joined Connections since I wanted to give back to a student. My mentee is a very people orientated person and is facing what every freshman faces, the feeling of uncertainty and excitement. We found activities that we both have enjoyed and our programs have similarities. I feel wonderful giving back to FAU and he feels a bit more at ease with the challenges ahead.” Niccola, Peer Mentor, Health Administration "Before I met my mentor I was constantly stressed because of my responsibilities. I was working extra hours at my part-time job and going to school full-time. My mentor impacted me greatly. She helped me create a schedule to manage my personal life and school work so my grades and outlook on life have greatly improved." Naola, Freshmen Mentee, Biological Sciences "It is an honor to serve as a mentor in S.T.E.M. fields of study, particularly computer science and engineering. I am passionate about the young women entering the university and enjoy the opportunity to not only serve as a role model but also to learn from the young exceptional students in the mentoring program." Tami, Faculty Mentor, College of Engineering and Computer Science


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