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 [Image: randyblakely]  
Dr. Randy D. Blakely
Brain Institute Executive Director and Professor
MC-17, Room 109, Jupiter
Web Site
[Image: Dr. Brenda J. Claiborne]  
Dr. Brenda J. Claiborne
Jupiter Neuroscience Program Director and Professor
MC-19, Room 108, Jupiter
Web Site
 [Image: predragcudic]  
Dr. Predrag Cudic
MC-17, Room 208, Jupiter
Web Site Under Construction
  [Image: Dr. Ken Dawson-Scully]  
Dr. Ken Dawson-Scully
Associate Professor
MC-19, Room 103, Jupiter
Web Site
 [Image: greggfields]  
Dr. Gregg B. Fields
Center for Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Director, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Chair and Professor
MC-17, Room 211, Jupiter
Web Site
[Image: Dr. Tanja Godenschwege]  
Dr. Tanja Godenschwege
Associate Professor
MC-19, Room 209, Jupiter
Web Site
  [Image: Dr. Kailiang Jia]  
Dr. Kailiang Jia
Associate Professor
MC-19, Room 205, Jupiter
Web Site
[Image: Dr. Alex Keene]  
Dr. Alex Keene  
B.S.Neuroscience and Behavior Co-Director and Associate Professor 
MC-19, Room 202, Jupiter 
Web Site  
[Image: Dr. Greg MacLeod]  
Dr. Greg Macleod
Associate Professor
MC-19, Room 212, Jupiter 
   [Image: Dr. Rod Murphey]  
Dr. Rod Murphey
Jupiter Life Science Initiative Director, 
Department of Biological Sciences Chair and Professor 
MC-19, Room 101, Jupiter 
Web Site  
 [Image: Dr. Robert Stackman]  
Dr. Robert Stackman
B.S. Neuroscience and Behavior Co-Director and Associate Professor
MC-19, Room 110, Jupiter 
Web Site  
 [Image: Dr. Herbert Weissbach]  
Dr. Herbert Weissbach
Center for Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Associate Director and Distinguished Research Professor
MC-17, Room 225, Jupiter
Web Site

[Image: Dr. Diane Baronas-Lowell]  
Dr. Diane Baronas-Lowell
Research Associate Professor
Scientific Writer & Editor
MC-19, Room 107, Jupiter
[Image: Dr. Monica Maldonado]  
Dr. Monica Maldonado
Associate Director,
Student Affairs
Student Program Coordinator
HC, Room 171, Jupiter
[Image: Marjorie Cazeau]  
Marjorie Cazeau
Program Assistant
Front Office Concerns
MC-19, Room 119, Jupiter
[Image: Phyllis Caruccio]  
Phyllis Caruccio
Laboratory Manager
Murphey Laboratory
Research Scientific Support
MC-19, Room 113, Jupiter
[Image: Silvana Jaramillo]  
Silvana Jaramillo
Coordinator, Academic Support
Grant Budgets and Contracts
MC-19, Room 119, Jupiter
[Image: Dr. Daphna Sagher]  
Dr. Daphna Sagher
Research Associate Professor
Weissbach Laboratory
Principle Investigator
MC-17, Room 226, Jupiter
[Image: Dr. Shailaja Kesaraju]  
Dr. Shailaja Kesaraju
Research Assistant Professor
Weissbach Laboratory
Principle Investigator
MC-17, Room 202, Jupiter
 [Image: Cathy Trivigno]  
Cathy Trivigno
Coordinator, Academic Support Services
Graduate Programs & Undergraduate Research Support
MC-17, room 206
[Image: Jeff Schering]  
Jeff Schering
Coordinator, Academic Programs
Jupiter Academic Support/Advising
MC-03, room 129



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