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Florida Atlantic University     

Post-Baccalaureate Medical Pathway Program    

"A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work."         

~ Colin Powell    


The Florida Atlantic University Post-Baccalaureate Medical Pathway Program is a   “career changer” certificate track is designed for students who have not completed all of the undergraduate medical school pre-requisite courses.   

All students must submit a Post-Baccalaureate     university application  (Click here)     


Application Instructions:         

   1. Complete the online application   and save it.    

Note: The Career Enhancer track is no longer being offered.   

Application Deadlines:    

     Career Enhancer: no longer offered.   

     Career Changer: Fall, Spring, and Summer (dates TBA)   

(Note: Spring 2017 applications are no longer being accepted)   

Further instructions will be sent to the email you provided once your application is processed.     


The Post Baccalaureate Medical Pathway Program is designed to help students complete their Pre-Requisites to become competitive Professional school applicants.    Students enrolled in the program are provided with tutoring resources on campus, early registration, Financial Aid funding (if available), one-on-one professional and academic advising, and access to the Pre-health advising resources. 


“Career Changer"  

Opportunities Include  

Undergraduate Pre-Requisite Basic Science Courses 

Pre-Med Advising 

Optional opportunities for volunteering and shadowing 

Interview Preparation 

Full Time or Part Time 

Committee Interview 


MCAT Preparation 


Research Opportunities 


Standardized Patients 

Entrance Requirements:    

No entrance exam  

Earned BA or BS degree  

3.0 GPA min.  



Pre-health Clubs 

Pre-health File (LORs) 

Recruiting events 

Informational Workshops 



   Contact Information     
Courses Available Include but are not limited to: 

Biodiversity and Lab / BSC 1011/1011L  
Biological Principles and Lab / BSC 1010/1010L  
General Chemistry I and Lab / CHM 2045/2045L  
General Chemistry II and Lab / CHM 2046/2046L  
Organic Chem I / CHM 2210  
Organic Chem II / CHM 2211  
Organic Chem Lab / CHM 2211L  
Biochemistry I / BCH 3033 
College Physics I / PHY 2053  
General Physics I Lab / PHY 2048L  
College Physics II  /PHY 2054  
General Physics II Lab / PHY 2049L  
Calculus / MAC 2233 or 2311  
Genetics / PCB 3063    
Psychology / PSY 1012 

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Florida Atlantic University
777 Glades Road
Boca Raton, FL 33431

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