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Student Research
The College of Science promotes student research at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.  

Undergraduate Research
The College of Science works closely with the Office of Undergraduate Research and Inquiry (OURI) to encourage active undergraduate student research. OURI serves as a centralized support office for FAU faculty, staff and students who are engaged in undergraduate research, scholarship, and creative activities. We offer university wide programs such as undergraduate research grants, undergraduate research symposium, undergraduate research journal, and support for faculty and students through our Peer Mentor program. Our office provides resources and information for faculty and students to:

Get Funded - Apply for grants and stipends to use towards research endeavors such as the Faculty Curriculum Grants, Undergraduate Research Grant, travel funding, and other external funding opportunities.

Get Published - Publish research and projects in peer-reviewed journals such as the Florida Atlantic Undergraduate Research Journal (FAURJ)

Get Recognized - Present discoveries at symposia and conferences both on campus, regionally, and nationally

Get Prepared - Attend faculty and student professional development workshops, enroll in research enriched courses, join an academic club, get exposed to ongoing research projects and scholarly activities

Get Involved - Find ways to get involved with research, scholarship and creative activities under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Serve as a mentor for undergraduates, join a QEP steering committee or serve as a reviewer or judge for OURI initiatives.

Graduate Research
Our graduate students participate in hands-on scientific research in fields in each of our departments: Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Complex Systems and Brain Sciences, Psychology, Geosciences, Mathematics, Environmental Science, and Physics. These graduate programs are highly inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary. These programs are fully accredited and offer the graduate student a Doctoral or Masters Degree that will lead to a rewarding career in research and teaching in academics, government, or industry. Financial support for graduate students may be available through teaching assistantships or research assistantships. To learn more about our programs, read more here

Student Highlights

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Florida Atlantic University
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