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[Image: print]   Full PDF Print Version College Directory OFFICE OF THE DEAN Dean Mohammad Ilyas, Ph.D. 561.297.3454 EE 308 Dean's Executive Assistant Gina Seits 561.297.3426 EE 308G Associate Dean for Research Hassan Mahfuz, Ph.D. 561.297.3483 EE 308M Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Ali Zilouchian, Ph.D. 561.297.0432 EE 308L Assistant Dean for Support Services Gary Salivar, Ph.D. 561.297.3478 EW 113 Director of Operations Lynn Asseff 561.297.3453 EE 308H Director of Development & Outreach TBA 561.297.2083 EE 308 Director, Communications & Web Design Cheryl Halle 561.297.1399 EE 308K Asst. Dir., Academic Support Services Marilyn Cordy-Burrell 561.297.4480 EE 308J Asst. Dir., Academic Support Services Sylvanna Fahnestock 561.297.2492 EE 308 Coordinator, Research Programs and Services Cathy Miller 561.297.3726 EE 308S Coordinator, Academic Support Services TBA 561.297.3400 EE 308 Asst., International Affairs Mery Lucero Sequeda 561.297.4642 EE 308 TECHNICAL SERVICES GROUP (TSG) Director Mahesh Neelakanta 561.297.2801 EE 532 DIVISION OF ENGINEERING STUDENT SERVICES AND ADVISING (DESSA) Director Tamsyn Carey 561.297.4769 EE 102Q DEPARTMENTS Civil, Environmental & Geomatics Engineering (CEGE) Chair Yan Yong, Ph.D. 561.297.3445 EW 204   Computer & Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (CEECS) Chair Nurgun Erdol, Ph.D. 561.297.3409 EE 403A   Ocean & Mechanical Engineering (OME) Chair Javad Hashemi, Ph.D. 561.297.3438 EW 183

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