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[Image: Palm Pointe Educational Research School at Tradition]  
About Palm Pointe Educational Research School at Tradition Research Mission
Palm Pointe Educational Research School at Tradition has a three-fold mission of (1) being a demonstration site for teacher education; (2) developing curricula; (3) conducting research (F.S 228.0533). As a FAU/SLCSD demonstration site, the school is a partner in the teacher education process of the College of Education, providing an ideal setting for the observation of current instructional styles and strategies. The school serves as a location for pre-student teaching experiences of undergraduate elementary and secondary education students. In addition, service to practitioners in the field is provided through professional visitations, workshops, demonstrations, and teaching tapes. The school is a site for statewide, in-service clinical educator training. Faculty members may serve as instructors at FAU campuses.

The standard academic subjects, foreign language, physical education, and selected areas of the humanities, comprise ongoing curriculum development activities. Palm Pointe serves as a research site for the colleges and departments in the University, the public schools, and the private sector as well as generating school-wide action research projects. Current research and grant projects are funded through the University, the Florida Department of Education, and private/public foundations.

All three parts of the mission are based on a keystone of educating Palm Pointe students to reach their full potential.

School Colors
The school colors are Silver, Black, Carolina Blue.

School Mottos
  • Inspiring Success Through Innovation
  • Research
  • Opportunities
  • Community
  • Knowledge
  • Educational
  • Technology
  • Student Success
School Mission
Palm Pointe is an educational research school with a unique partnership between FAU/SLCSD. We will provide all students opportunities to reach their full potential, through utilizing research, developing challenging and relevant work, establishing school, home and community partners.

Approved by the School Advisory Council April 21, 2009.

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