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Innovation Leadership Honors Program

777 Glades Road EE 308
Boca Raton, FL 33431-0991

History of the Program
In 2005, the College Executive Advisory Council, comprised of some twenty-five top level engineering and business executives, recommended and encouraged the College to consider a strategy that will prepare FAU engineering graduates for the workplace of tomorrow. The Council recognized the technical strength of the existing curricula and recommended no changes. However, the College Executive Advisory Council suggested that a few select students be recruited and trained in innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership. During the spring semester of 2008, the Innovation Leadership Honors Program proposal passed all the approval processes by the University. The proposed program required an overlay of 19 credits to the existing engineering programs.

After the first three years it became apparent that the original curriculum, with the overlay of a relatively large number of credits, was not sustainable as the program was originally designed.

The College Undergraduate Committee reviewed the ILHP and input from the Dean of Undergraduate Programs, the Director of QEP, the Chair of the College Executive Advisory Board, the Director of ILHP, College faculty members and ILHP students in order to propose appropriate revisions to maintain and advance the program. The revised program, is the outcome of many deliberations by departmental representatives in the Committee and the College's Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

777 Glades Road EE 308, Boca Raton, FL 33431-0991 P. 561.297.3400 F. 561.297.1111

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