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22nd Feb 2020

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Ticker Report: EU might extend Brexit deadline again
By EUobserver 

9. Oct 2019, 08:47
Senior EU diplomats told The Guardian that it is probable the EU will extend the deadline for a deal on Brexit until June. After the call between German chancellor Angela Merkel and UK prime minister Boris Johnson it seems that a deal on the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland is impossible before 31 October. The European Parliament already indicated it would support a Brexit extension.

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No breakthrough at EU budget summit 21. Feb, 21:44
EU leaders failed to reach agreement on the EU's long-term budget, as richer states and poorer 'cohesion countries' locked horns. The impasse continues over how to fund the Brexit gap.

EU leaders struggling to break budget deadlock 21. Feb, 18:56
Cuts to innovation, space, neighbourhood and other programme-spending push down the latest budget proposal on the table of EU leaders. Rebates could stay on, to win the support of the net-payers for a deal.

German ex-commissioner Oettinger lands Orban job 21. Feb, 17:42
Hungary's PM Viktor Orban appointed controversial former commissioner Guenther Oettinger to a government council in a way that might break EU rules. Oettinger claims he did not know about the appointment.

Insight How big is Germany's far-right problem? 21. Feb, 16:55
The Hanau shooting was a national wake-up call to the scale of far-right extremism in Germany, from violent individuals to political hate speech.

Focus Plastic and carbon proposals to help plug Brexit budget gap 21. Feb, 07:09
Individual contributions of member states to the next EU budget could soon depend on the amount of plastic not recycled. There could also be revenues from a possible carbon border tax on imports into the EU.

Sassoli repeats EU budget rejection warning 21. Feb, 07:09
European Parliament president David Sassoli says the proposals put forward on the next long-term EU budget are unacceptable.

News in Brief
  1. 21. Feb, 18:06 Bulgarian PM investigated over 'money laundering'
  2. 21. Feb, 16:46 Greenpeace breaks into French nuclear plant
  3. 21. Feb, 16:29 Germany increases police presence after shootings
  4. 21. Feb, 15:30 NGO: US and EU 'watering-down' tax reform prior to G20
  5. 21. Feb, 07:27 Iran: parliamentary elections, conservatives likely to win
  6. 21. Feb, 07:26 Belgian CEOs raise alarm on political crisis
  7. 21. Feb, 07:18 Germans voice anger on rise of far-right terrorism
  8. 21. Feb, 00:13 EU leaders' budget summit drags on overnight
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Latest News
  1. 21. Feb, 21:44 No breakthrough at EU budget summit
  2. 21. Feb, 18:56 EU leaders struggling to break budget deadlock
  3. 21. Feb, 17:42 German ex-commissioner Oettinger lands Orban job
  4. 21. Feb, 16:55 How big is Germany's far-right problem?
  5. 21. Feb, 07:09 Plastic and carbon proposals to help plug Brexit budget gap
  6. 21. Feb, 07:09 Sassoli repeats EU budget rejection warning
  7. 21. Feb, 07:08 Why Miroslav Lajčák is the wrong choice for EU envoy
  8. 20. Feb, 18:21 Unhappy EU leaders begin budget haggle
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