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19th Sep 2019

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Ticker UK MPs put second referendum back on agenda

11. Sep, 09:01
A cross-party group of British MPs is in the making to bring back one of the Brexit deal proposals of Theresa May, and of organising a second referendum in the last two weeks of October, according to the Guardian. Not only members of the opposition, but also current and former Conservatives would be open to the idea, amidst worries that PM Boris Johnson is still backing a no-deal Brexit.

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Malta PM accused of 'blackmail' over slain reporter Today, 17:43
Malta's premier has offered to drop a libel case against a murdered journalist only if her relatives said he was innocent, in what the family called "blackmail".

EU countries back Romania's Kovesi for EU top prosecutor Today, 17:39
Romania's anti-graft crusader Laura Kovesi will take on corruption at an EU level as the bloc's first prosecutor - despite opposition from her country's government.

Opinion Brexit raises questions for EU defence integration Today, 17:04
Brussels' current vision for cooperation on defence, where third countries can contribute but have no say in decision-making and in the guidance of operations, is unlikely to be attractive to the UK.

Low-carbon cities can unlock €21tn by 2050, report finds Today, 17:03
National governments have a "crucial role" to prioritise low-carbon cities to tackle climate challenges and secure economic prosperity since high-carbon systems are expected to become unprofitable or inoperable in the near future.

France, Italy want 'automatic' distribution of migrants Today, 09:21
French president Emmanuel Macron is pressing for an automated distribution of rescued migrants at sea - but also stands accused of tightening asylum rules in his own country as a response to the far-right.

Opinion Europe's refugee policy is test of its true 'way of life' Today, 08:47
As ex-national leaders, we know it's not easy to withstand public pressures and put collective interests ahead of domestic concerns. But without strong institutional leadership, EU values themselves risk ringing hollow, not least to those seeking protection on Europe's shores.

News in Brief
  1. Today, 16:37 Austria to veto EU trade deal with South America
  2. Today, 14:54 Brexit minister asks EU for 'flexibility' to secure a deal
  3. Today, 12:12 Kovesi has 'sufficient majority' for prosecutor post
  4. Today, 09:12 France, Finland give UK ultimatum for Brexit plan
  5. Today, 09:04 Minsk talks bode ill for EU's peace summit on Ukraine
  6. Today, 08:57 Poll: Poland's nationalist rulers to win October election
  7. Today, 08:56 Irish lawyers clash with EU commission in Apple case
  8. Today, 08:55 NGOs take aim at EU smartphone pollution
Stakeholders' Highlights
  1. Nordic Council of Ministers New programme studies infectious diseases and antibiotic resistance
  2. UNESDA UNESDA reduces added sugars 11.9% between 2015-2017
  3. International Partnership for Human Rights EU-Uzbekistan Human Rights Dialogue: EU to raise key fundamental rights issues
  4. Nordic Council of Ministers No evidence that social media are harmful to young people
  5. Nordic Council of Ministers Canada to host the joint Nordic cultural initiative 2021
  6. Vote for the EU Sutainable Energy Awards Cast your vote for your favourite EUSEW Award finalist. You choose the winner of 2019 Citizen’s Award.
  7. Nordic Council of Ministers Education gets refugees into work
  8. Counter Balance Sign the petition to help reform the EU’s Bank
  9. UNICEF Child rights organisations encourage candidates for EU elections to become Child Rights Champions
  10. UNESDA UNESDA Outlines 2019-2024 Aspirations: Sustainability, Responsibility, Competitiveness
  11. Counter Balance Record citizens’ input to EU bank’s consultation calls on EIB to abandon fossil fuels
  12. International Partnership for Human Rights Annual EU-Turkmenistan Human Rights Dialogue takes place in Ashgabat
Latest News
  1. Today, 17:43 Malta PM accused of 'blackmail' over slain reporter
  2. Today, 17:39 EU countries back Romania's Kovesi for EU top prosecutor
  3. Today, 17:04 Brexit raises questions for EU defence integration
  4. Today, 17:03 Low-carbon cities can unlock €21tn by 2050, report finds
  5. Today, 09:21 France, Italy want 'automatic' distribution of migrants
  6. Today, 08:47 Europe's refugee policy is test of its true 'way of life'
  7. 18. Sep, 16:11 A new Commission for the one percent
  8. 18. Sep, 16:06 Juncker: No-deal Brexit 'palpable'
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