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16th Dec 2019

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Ticker Scottish judge to examine Johnson's Brexit plan
By EUobserver 

13. Aug, 12:55
Some 70 anti-Brexit MPs have asked the Court of Session in Edinburgh to rule that suspending parliament in Westminster so that the UK can leave the EU without a deal would be "unlawful and unconstitutional". British prime minister Boris Johnson has indicated parliamentary suspension was an option in order to leave the EU no matter what on 31 October. The Scottish court will hold a first hearing on Tuesday.

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EU values face scrutiny This WEEK 13. Dec, 15:18
Rule of law, environmental protection, and minority rights will feature high on the agenda in Brussels and Strasbourg as 2019 comes to a close.

EU sighs relief after 'decisive' Johnson victory in UK 13. Dec, 15:05
The remaining 27 EU countries also told the UK to quickly ratify the withdrawal agreement, and start negotiations on future trade. The EU is keen to protect its own interests and prevent unfair competition from Britain.

Huge win for Conservatives in UK election 13. Dec, 09:26
Britain is almost certain to leave the EU in January after a huge election win for prime minister Boris Johnson, but Scotland aims to break off and stay.

Opinion Behind bars: a visit to an imprisoned Catalan politician 13. Dec, 09:10
A visit to Carme Forcadell, the former Speaker of the Catalan parliament, currently imprisoned near Tarragona.

Leaders agree 2050 climate neutrality - without Poland 13. Dec, 09:09
EU leaders agreed on setting a climate-neutrality by 2050 target early on Friday morning - although Poland refused to endorse the target, leaving the crucial summit without unanimity.

EU leaders cagey on 'Future of Europe' conference 13. Dec, 00:08
EU leaders on Thursday endorsed the idea of holding a two-year post-Brexit soul-searching exercise across the EU at their summit.

News in Brief
  1. 13. Dec, 18:00 EU Scream podcast wins media award
  2. 13. Dec, 15:43 Sturgeon will set out Scottish independence plan next week
  3. 13. Dec, 09:18 Slovenia, Croatia ex-leaders highlight jailed Catalans
  4. 13. Dec, 09:14 Italian court tells Facebook to reopen fascist party's account
  5. 13. Dec, 09:13 EU extends sanctions on Russia until mid-2020
  6. 12. Dec, 23:09 UK exit poll gives Johnson majority of 86
  7. 12. Dec, 15:45 Orban: 'financial guarantees' to reach climate neutrality
  8. 12. Dec, 15:07 Merkel hopes EU leaders agree 2050 climate-neutrality
Stakeholders' Highlights
  1. Nordic Council of Ministers 40 years of experience have proven its point: Sustainable financing actually works
  2. Nordic Council of Ministers Nordic and Baltic ministers paving the way for 5G in the region
  3. Nordic Council of Ministers Earmarked paternity leave – an effective way to change norms
  4. Nordic Council of Ministers Nordic Climate Action Weeks in December
  5. UNESDA UNESDA welcomes Nicholas Hodac as new Director General
  6. Nordic Council of Ministers Brussels welcomes Nordic culture
Latest News
  1. 13. Dec, 15:18 EU values face scrutiny This WEEK
  2. 13. Dec, 15:05 EU sighs relief after 'decisive' Johnson victory in UK
  3. 13. Dec, 09:26 Huge win for Conservatives in UK election
  4. 13. Dec, 09:10 Behind bars: a visit to an imprisoned Catalan politician
  5. 13. Dec, 09:09 Leaders agree 2050 climate neutrality - without Poland
  6. 13. Dec, 00:08 EU leaders cagey on 'Future of Europe' conference
  7. 12. Dec, 18:41 Pressure mounts to grill Malta's Muscat at EU summit
  8. 12. Dec, 09:27 Revealed: little evidence to justify internal border checks
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