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9th Dec 2019

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Ticker Trump always wanted UK to leave EU, US aide says
By EUobserver 

13. Aug, 11:49
"Both [US] president [Donald] Trump and I were leavers before there were leavers", White House national security advisor John Bolton told press in London Tuesday. The UK could do a "sector-by-sector" free-trade deal with the US "very quickly" after it left the EU, he added. The US would ask for "individual items" in return, he also said, amid US pressure for the UK to quit the Iran nuclear arms deal.

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Feature Russia makes big promises to Arctic peoples on expansion 6. Dec, 15:33
The Arctic future conference kicked off with optimistic presentations by ministers and officials of the Russian government — but also a burst of scepticism from representatives of those actually living in Russia's Arctic and Far East regions.

Agenda UK election plus EU summit in focus This WEEK 6. Dec, 15:32
EU leaders will try to agree on the 2050 emission-free target - but they will deeply disagree on EU spending over the next seven years. Meanwhile the UK will elect its new political leadership.

Migrants paying to get detained in Libyan centres 6. Dec, 09:16
A trend has emerged over the past few months where desperate people are paying to get locked up in Libyan detention centres to escape the conflict and with the hope they stand a better chance of getting resettled to Europe.

Magazine Searching for solidarity in EU asylum policy 6. Dec, 08:50
The European Parliament's civil liberties committee offers a snapshot of the European "state of mind", says its chair Juan Fernando Lopez Aguilar. Its biggest challenge will be getting member states to unblock the EU asylum package.

Opinion Will Michel lead on lobbying transparency at Council? 6. Dec, 08:49
Few people know that the code of conduct for the European Council president is substantially weaker than the code of conduct for commissioners.

Investigation Blood from stone: What did British PR firm do for Malta? 6. Dec, 08:49
British PR firm Chelgate worked for the Maltese government on the case of murdered journalist Caruana Galizia, three well-placed sources have told EUobserver.

News in Brief
  1. 6. Dec, 15:36 Greece denies access to fair asylum process, report says
  2. 6. Dec, 15:11 Report: Self-regulation of social media 'not working'
  3. 6. Dec, 14:30 Turkey: Greek expulsion of Libyan envoy 'outrageous'
  4. 6. Dec, 14:28 Merkel coalition may survive, says new SPD co-leader
  5. 6. Dec, 12:56 Von der Leyen Ethiopia visit a 'political statement'
  6. 6. Dec, 11:49 Over 5,500 scientists ask EU to protect freshwater life
  7. 6. Dec, 09:03 Iran defies EU and UN on ballistic missiles
  8. 6. Dec, 09:02 Committee of the Regions: bigger budget for Green Deal
Stakeholders' Highlights
  1. Nordic Council of Ministers 40 years of experience have proven its point: Sustainable financing actually works
  2. Nordic Council of Ministers Nordic and Baltic ministers paving the way for 5G in the region
  3. Nordic Council of Ministers Earmarked paternity leave – an effective way to change norms
  4. Nordic Council of Ministers Nordic Climate Action Weeks in December
  5. UNESDA UNESDA welcomes Nicholas Hodac as new Director General
  6. Nordic Council of Ministers Brussels welcomes Nordic culture
Latest News
  1. 6. Dec, 15:33 Russia makes big promises to Arctic peoples on expansion
  2. 6. Dec, 15:32 UK election plus EU summit in focus This WEEK
  3. 6. Dec, 09:16 Migrants paying to get detained in Libyan centres
  4. 6. Dec, 08:50 Searching for solidarity in EU asylum policy
  5. 6. Dec, 08:49 Will Michel lead on lobbying transparency at Council?
  6. 6. Dec, 08:49 Blood from stone: What did British PR firm do for Malta?
  7. 5. Dec, 17:47 EU Commission defends Eurobarometer methodology
  8. 5. Dec, 15:42 Timmermans warns on cost of inaction on climate
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